Use the radio to inform the Hong Kong mob of the polices defensive information 3 men and 2 women arrested

 Use the radio to inform the Hong Kong mob of the polices defensive information 3 men and 2 women arrested

Zou wangzhong, police chief of the drug investigation division (operation), said that in the past, including the demonstrations on October 1, October 31 and November 17, the police found that someone illegally used radio broadcasting behind the scenes to inform the front-line radical protesters of the polices deployment, police car location and the number of police officers, so as to help them carry out the assault or evade the police law enforcement.

Source of radio communication equipment seized: Hong Kong East Network

After an in-depth investigation, the police locked in a five member group. According to the investigation, the members of the group have their own division of work, two men are responsible for laying the wireless telecommunication network; two women are call desk members who are responsible for informing the demonstrators; the remaining one man is responsible for sending the radio communication machine to the demonstrators.

At about 12:45 this afternoon, agents took action to arrest three men and two women in paomadi, xiumaoping and Tsim Sha Tsui, respectively, who were suspected of assisting in riots and committing crimes against the Telecommunications Ordinance.

Agents seized a transceiver, antenna and high-frequency radio in a residential unit in xiumaoping, which police believe is used for broadcasting. In order to strengthen the radio coverage, it is necessary to install and transfer the aircraft at the high point. Police seized a related equipment on the zhaden mountain in the horse racing area, believing that two of the suspects were illegally installed. Nine high-frequency radios were also seized during the operation, believed to be used by one of the suspects for sale or supply to young people.

Source of transfer equipment suspected of receiving and distributing radio: Hong Kong East Network

In addition, when the police searched the residence of one of the 33 year old suspects, they seized imitation guns, 4 axes, 7 knives and 2 bullet proof vests that could fire iron beads, and arrested him on suspicion of hiding imitation guns and hiding offensive weapons. The police will further test the equipment and imitation guns. The operation continues, not excluding more arrests.

Police stressed that it is not illegal to go to the front line and vandalize the talents. It is also illegal to raise funds, technology and materials for the thugs behind the scenes.

When asked if it would be against the law for citizens to provide police positions online or to others, Zou wangzhong said that it would be illegal to use radio broadcasts or circulars illegally.

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