Tang Yifei confesses that she refused to perform the legend of Zhen Huan

 Tang Yifei confesses that she refused to perform the legend of Zhen Huan

This is a theory, and many netizens Tucao their emotional intelligence is too low. Some netizens picked her out to lie, saying that the legend of Zhen Huan was launched in September 2010, while Ling Xiaosu admitted that falling in love with Tang Yifei triggered a cursing war after her divorce in 2011.

The full text is as follows:

At that time, Zheng Xiaolongs deputy director called me to ask if I had a schedule to play a play called Zhen Huan Chuan. I was in full swing when I was scolded by netizens all over the country. I only asked one question, is this role a good or bad person? He said that Hua Fei had done a lot of bad things, but she could not be said to be a bad person. I refused at that time. Why, I didnt read the script either. When I heard that she did a lot of bad things, I was really scared from the bottom of my heart. I was afraid that the netizens would put the role on me again. Lets see, Tang Yifei must be the same as this role. He is a ruthless person! Im really afraid. Jiang Xin is a sister I worked with more than ten years ago. Shes very nice. I raised two puppies, but my mother said that you cant even raise them by yourself. She forced me to send them away. I called Jiang Xin and asked if she could help me raise them. She said that you came to my house. Now these two puppies are still alive? Since I became an unwelcome person, I have never contacted Jiang Xin again. I am really afraid of implicating her, so we have lost contact in the era of SMS. Im very happy that she played Princess Hua, because she is really more suitable than me.

I wish Xinxin all the best and hope my dogs are still alive!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Hu Mengyao and nk5655