Lawyer comments on Ghosns escape from Lebanon: like a ship docking at its home port

 Lawyer comments on Ghosns escape from Lebanon: like a ship docking at its home port

Since Lebanon and Japan do not have extradition treaties, it will be difficult for Ghosn to be extradited back to Japan for trial.

In December 2018, shortly after being arrested in ghon, Lebanese interior minister Mahmoud nock made a tough statement: a Lebanese Phoenix will not be scorched by the Japanese sun. In a statement, the Lebanese foreign ministry said: Ghosn is a famous citizen of Lebanon and represents Lebanons success story overseas. In this severe test, the Lebanese Ministry of foreign affairs will stand by him to ensure that he gets a fair trial.

From the current actions and statements of Ghosn, he even gave up the position of his lawyer group in Japan and said that he had completely abandoned the Japanese judicial system, which is not a case of a court. His next step will be to accuse the Japanese government and judicial system of injustice overseas, and to put pressure on Japan by supporting its own Lebanese and international public opinion. Thats what Oshima said.

A person in the legal circle who asked for anonymity told the first financial reporter that, as a well-known Lebanese, Ghosn is keen to support social public welfare activities in Lebanon in the process of business operation, and has broad support from the government and the general public in Lebanon. Therefore, at this time, Ghosn chose to flee to Lebanon, just like a ship stops at its home port, which will also enable him to The next trial plan of the Japanese prosecution and court was greatly blocked.

Source: First Financial Editor: Wang Wenhua, nf5982