There will be no further use of new naturalized players in January, as the case may be

 There will be no further use of new naturalized players in January, as the case may be

On December 31, 2019, after the Chinese Football Association announced relevant regulations on foreign aid and naturalized players in the new seasons professional league, the outside world could not help associating the matter with the recruitment of multiple naturalized players by Guangzhou Hengda team. According to previous rumours, Evergrande club has signed several naturalized players, including Gorat, Luo Guofu, browning and Fernando, in addition to the naturalized Exxon.

According to some sources, the naturalization procedures of the above-mentioned persons have been completed. In other words, once their FIFA membership change procedure is completed, they can play for China as long as they are approved by FIFA.

In the first half of the top 40 competition, Exxon and Li Ke, two naturalized players, did not show strong competitiveness. Will the new coach team of China team recruit more naturalized players to enhance the competitiveness of the team? It is understood that the new national football training will start on January 5. At the previous communication meeting of CFA on the preparation of national teams, the topic of adding naturalized players was not specifically mentioned, which also means that no new naturalized players will appear in the national football training team in January. As for the possibility of Gorat and other naturalized players joining the team before the match of China Malaysia top 40 on March 26, it depends on the needs of the team, the attitude of the coaching team and the difficulty of relevant procedures.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Li Siming u00b7 bjs2696