After the woman was cheated 300000, the swindler moved his heart and went to an appointment and was arrested

 After the woman was cheated 300000, the swindler moved his heart and went to an appointment and was arrested

However, the plot quickly reversed and the ending was extremely comfortable

Cheating classroom

The so-called pig killing plate just as the name implies is to fish big fish with long lines. The swindlers compare the victims to pigs, first set up making friends on the Internet, and then cultivate feelings with the victims through carefully packed scripts, so that they are deeply trapped in Online love, online gambling, financial investment and other scams, and then fatten up and then kill them.

More than 300000 boyfriend women were cheated to Meet Online

Ms. Zheng is from Bazhong, Sichuan Province. In September this year, a strange man named Qingfeng on wechat actively added her as a friend. The other side claims to be Wang, who lives in Nanjing, runs a hot pot shop, has a high-end car, and is a successful single man.

In the process of chatting, the man often asked Ms. Zheng to express his love. Ms. Zheng also gradually became fond of him and developed into a relationship of male and female friends.

With their relationship warming up, Wang told Ms Zheng that he would usually invest in an online gambling platform called XX International and make a lot of profits.

Under Wangs coaxing, Ms. Zheng recharged 10000 yuan, and the next day, Ms. Zheng successfully withdrew more than 11000 yuan. After tasting the sweetness, Ms. Zheng added another 50000 yuan. She never thought that she was falling into the trap of a swindler step by step.

After charging 50000 yuan, Wang recommended gold member to Ms. Zheng. After applying for gold member, you can get a richer return and a 16000 yuan lottery gift bag. However, you need to recharge 100000 yuan accumulatively within the 7-day reservation period.

Out of her trust in Wang, Ms. Zheng didnt think much about it. Once again, she charged 100000 yuan. The next day, when Ms. Zheng applied for the present with great expectation, the customer service said that she would continue to recharge before withdrawing. As a result, Ms. Zheng borrowed nearly 100000 yuan from the online loan platform to recharge.

Later, Wang borrowed 90000 yuan from Ms. Zheng on the grounds that her mother was hospitalized with a heart attack and the hot pot shop had problems with funds. In one month, Ms. Zheng was cheated for more than 300000 yuan.

The swindler moved the real situation, the police called for anti killing

At this time, Wang also became less enthusiastic than before, repeatedly prevaricating Ms. Zhengs inquiry. Later, Wang simply confessed to Ms. Zheng that he was a liar and cheated her in order to complete the task. Ms. Zheng called the local police immediately.

Police investigation found that the man who claimed to be Wang, whose real identity is Liu, has been active in Cambodia recently. It is likely that he is behind a transnational fraud gang.

However, it is unexpected for the police that in the course of the investigation, the liar Liu added Ms. Zheng again with a private micro signal, apologized to her and confessed, and often comforted her.

Ive been constantly persuading me to be more open-minded, and sometimes he even said he would help me to bear it together, said Ms. Zheng, who immediately reflected the situation to the public security organ after the swindler contacted her.

After learning about the situation, the police discussed with Ms. Zheng and formulated a anti killing plan: Ms. Zheng continued to associate with Liu as an online girlfriend. Ms. Zheng pretended that she was ok, slowly wanted to open up, and tentatively asked Liu if she could come back to see him.

Swindlers are arrested and led out of cross-border fraud gangs

Once in Bazhong, the police set up a charge to arrest Liu. After arriving at the case, Liu quickly confessed his criminal facts. According to his account, in August this year, he joined a fraud gang in Cambodia after being introduced by a friend.

After gaining the trust of the other party, the fraudster will put the other party into the gambling website for investment, and there are also special personnel to transfer the funds cheated.

At present, the police have frozen more than 5 million yuan of funds involved in the fraud group. Liu, the suspect, is detained according to law and the case is under further investigation.