Former Premier League referee: this rumor hurts me

 Former Premier League referee: this rumor hurts me

Recently, Bobby Madley made a public response to this for the first time. He published a real feeling article in a blog called referees words, which detailed the truth of the event that almost destroyed his entire career, and tried to put an end to the ordeal and continue to summon up courage to face his future life.

In the article, Madley said that the rumor that he was having a relationship with a dog was originally just a personal black humor and that he had been suffering from the rumor for the past 18 months. In fact, he only made a video about the disabled at the beginning, with the text suspected of discriminating against the disabled.

I was sitting in the car with my mobile phone in my hand, and a parent with walking obstacles walked by the car in front of me. And Im ashamed of what Im doing next.

I took a six second video and said nothing. In the video, I wrote: go to XX, it seems that I have a chance to win this years parent race. (Madleys weight problem has plagued his career as a referee, and hes afraid of being ridiculed for being a professional referee who cant beat the average person.).

Madley said in the article that the video was originally sent to a friend as a joke, but he didnt expect to have a dispute with the friend soon after. The video was also sent to the professional referees Association. In this way, this black humor which was originally used by Madley to laugh at himself has ruined his career prospects in the UK.

But then things didnt get better, they went in a more serious direction, because there were rumors on twitter that he left the Premier League because he was photographed having sex with a dog. But the rumor started when someone posted that he was a troublemaker dog, because Madley was a Huddersfield fan (Huddersfield town terrier), and the rumor started.

This rumor not only hurt the reputation of Madley, but also brought insults and threats from some extreme animal protectionists, and involved his family. To avoid all this, Madley and his family went to Norway, where he continued his career as a referee.