Yang Yang, the top leader of Wada, who is the first Chinese to enter: severely punish the team of drug users

 Yang Yang, the top leader of Wada, who is the first Chinese to enter: severely punish the team of drug users

In the next three years, Yang Yang hopes that through more extensive education, athletes can better understand the Anti Doping work and protect their rights and interests.

Let athletes better protect themselves

The World Anti Doping Agency was established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1999, with its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. In the past month or more, after being elected as vice chairman of Wada, Yang Yang took the time to get familiar with his work, attended the Executive Committee of Wada and also participated in the Olympic Summit on behalf of Wada.

Vitold Banka, the new president of Wada and Minister of sports and tourism of Poland, was once a 400m runner, while Yang Yang won the first Winter Olympic gold medal for China in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Yang said he hopes to further promote Anti Doping education in the future.

Education includes two levels, one is technical level, such as safe diet, correct use of treatment drugs, etc. Another and more important thing is the education of values. More people, not only high-level athletes, but also young athletes and even ordinary children should be aware of being clean athletes, pursuing clean gold medals and being honest. With regard to these, the World Anti Doping Agency has edited very good teaching content, and will increase promotion efforts in the future.

In November 2019, the World Anti Doping conference deliberated and approved the new version of the World Anti Doping regulations, which strengthened the protection of athletes rights and interests. Wada Athletes Committee also submitted the athletes rights and interests action plan, which was unanimously approved by the Executive Committee and the general assembly.

The rights and interests of athletes are listed very clearly. I hope to promote the rights and interests of athletes better in the future. Athletes should know how to protect their rights and interests correctly, avoid other conflicts in the future, so that athletes can better protect themselves.

At the same time, Yang Yang also pointed out the necessity of Anti Doping education for athletes support team.

The growth environment of athletes is very simple, and the people around them have a huge impact on them. We have seen that in some places, doping has become a culture. What we preach is that if you dont take drugs, you will suffer losses. This is a huge problem and hidden danger.

In addition to education, it is also necessary to increase penalties for their teams. In his speech at the World Anti Doping conference in November 2019, President Bach proposed that the Anti Doping work should increase the crackdown and punishment on the violations of athletes support team. Yang Yang particularly agreed with the proposal, which is also one of the priorities of Anti Doping work in the future. Let the world know more about Chinas Anti Doping work

Yang Yang was a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 2010 to 2018. During that time, he served as a member of the IOC Athletes Committee, deeply participated in all aspects of the work of the IOC, and also participated in the investigation of Russian doping events as a member of the IOC ethics committee.

Compared with international sports organizations, Yang Yang feels that Wadas working methods are not the same. The work is very professional and requires a lot from all aspects. Half of the decision-making bodies of Wada come from the representatives of the government and half from the representatives of sports. Sometimes the demands and perspectives of all parties are different.

However, we all have zero tolerance for doping. Over the years, I feel that as long as we have full dialogue, full transparency in our working methods, a good foundation of trust and efficient communication channels, the difficulties will be solved eventually, although there may be such and such problems in the process.

The general public pays more attention to the international discourse right of sports, Yang Yang said: the international discourse right must be strengthened by participating in the work and fully expressing opinions and suggestions in the process of making rules, which is the process of international discourse right (establishment and promotion).

Wada and the International Olympic Committee have been striving to make Wada more and more diverse in recent years. With China playing an increasingly important role in international sports, our Anti Doping work is getting better and better. Wada and the International Olympic Committee hope that China can bear more and more responsibilities and play a greater role in the World Anti Doping work. Yang Yang said.

For example, China has rich experience in Anti Doping education and initiated the Anti Doping education access system, that is, athletes must take the Anti Doping knowledge test and pass it to obtain the qualification to participate in domestic and foreign competitions. Yang Yang introduced Chinas practices at some important meetings and attracted a lot of attention. The future cooperation between Wada and China in the field of Anti Doping education is worth looking forward to.

Now, the Shanghai Laboratory of national doping test is preparing. In the near future, China will become a country with two world-class doping test laboratories, which are located in Beijing and Shanghai respectively.

Wada welcomes the establishment of more Anti Doping laboratories, which can not only promote Chinas Anti Doping work, but also help neighboring countries and regions that do not have the conditions to better carry out Anti Doping work. Yang Yang said.

Under the active promotion of Yang Yang, such high-level meetings as Wada executive committee or council are also expected to be held in China. This will let more Wada members know about China and Chinas Anti Doping work.

After his retirement, Yang Yang has been trying different things, from being a member of the International Olympic Committee to the director of the International Skating Federation, from founding the flying ice sports center to becoming the chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee.

My peak workload is from 2016 to 2018. Yang Yang said, at that time, I ran for the International Skating Federation (director) in five IOC committees at the same time. I had to compete in four stops a year, participate in the Council three times, and also work for the Athletes Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. If you do several pieces at the same time, you will feel busy.

But these works are very good experiences. At the operational level, Anti Doping work also needs to understand the needs and organizational structure of different organizations so as to facilitate better operation and greater implementation.

Now, because of Wadas independence, Yang Yang, as vice chairman, needs to resign from all other sports related positions.

At present, in addition to the chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, I have resigned from other international and domestic positions (related to sports) to focus on one thing (WADA). For me, I dont have a concept of how much work to do next, but I have felt the pressure. However, at present, I think the focus is very good!

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Zhao Ruiqi, nb12596