Womens wechat was stolen by 230 Jin married fat man, and a man was cheated nearly 100000

 Womens wechat was stolen by 230 Jin married fat man, and a man was cheated nearly 100000

However, its the real event. Before we talk about it, we might as well take a look at a group of wechat chat.

See these chats

What do you think is the relationship between the two?

A long-distance couple?

Look down

A kind of

What do you think of this?

It seems that

On the relationship between lovers


Mr. Li (pseudonym), Guanshan Town, Yanliang District

Thats what I think

It starts a few years ago, when Ms. Zhang (pseudonym) and Mr. Li in the photo worked in the same place. Ms. Zhangs beautiful appearance left a deep impression on Mr. Li at that time. Its a pity that after the end of the work, the two of them had no chance to see each other until one day in 2019.

On this day, Ms. Zhang suddenly contacted Mr. Li through wechat, and saw that the beautiful girl she had known before had offered to add herself. Mr. Li was very happy. Two people came and went, and their feelings quickly increased, and they soon determined their relationship with each other.

Ms. Zhang asked Mr. Li for help on wechat, which made Mr. Li very kind. The two agreed to go to the palace of marriage together. The two naturally mentioned the gift money. Ms. Zhang asked Mr. Li to give him the gift money and clothes money totaling 68000 yuan in wechat, which was approved by Mr. Li. Later, she said that she would go to Mr. Lis home with her family to discuss the engagement, and asked Mr. Li to pay part of the gift money in advance, so Mr. Li paid her 16000 yuan in advance. Later, Ms. Zhang said that she and her parents had a car accident on the way, and asked Mr. Li to pay At this time, Mr. Li began to have doubts. At this time, the Ms. Zhang in the wechat simply pulled Mr. Li black!

Lose both men and money

He tried to find the trace of Miss Zhang

After many attempts


Mr. Li contacted Ms. Zhang through Alipay.


My dear fiancee

Its like a different person

Before, Ms. Zhang, who asked him questions, voiced to him, and liked to share her familys daily life, including her fathers walking at home, her mothers cooking video at home, her ID card, Hukou book, even her fathers ID card Ms. Zhang will send it to him, completely unabashed.

But now its u2193

The truth finally came out


It wasnt Ms. Zhang talking to Mr. Li before

Mr. Li realized that he had been cheated!

And the other side

Ms. Zhang is a little strange

She wants to know

Who is cheating with his identity


At the end of October, 019, Mr. Li went to Guanshan police station in Yanliang District to call the police. After receiving the alarm from Mr. Li, the investigators locked Ms. Zhang, the suspect, and learned that Ms. Zhang had been active in Yuyang District of Yulin city. So they drove 600 kilometers to her residence and summoned Ms. Zhang to Yanliang Branch of public security for questioning. Ms. Zhang said that her wechat had been stolen, and it was the stolen wechat that chatted with Mr. Li. Who stole the wechat? Miss Zhang suddenly recalled something!


The moment when the micro signal is stolen

She once asked a Liu to help her find the wechat

I dont know if I can find it later


Police to Liu

(male, 25 years old, from Qingjian County, Yulin)

When the police call Liu

Liu even said to the police on the phone:

Come get me!

Police: never heard of such a request

OK, enough for you!

Call the strongest police in the Institute

Grab you!

Why the strongest police?


A kind of

When I saw the suspect was a man of 230 Jin

The original words of the victim Mr. Li are: creepy

I didnt expect to be bored with myself all day

Miss Zhang who calls himself husband

Its a man!


Why suspect Liu

There will be the identity information of Ms. Zhang and her parents

And the video?

Whats the relationship between Liu and Ms. Zhang?

I cant believe it

Liu Mou

Its Ms. Zhangs husband

Miss Zhang, his father!

One thinks he has gained love

When I was ready to talk about marriage, I was cheated

On the other hand, I worked in a hotel and raised my children

Keeping a husband who doesnt have a job

But the sleepers who get along with each other day and night

Stealing identity information to cheat money

Xiaobian doesnt say anything

Its really miserable.

Give you a hug and comfort

Liu explained that after he got the money, he used it all for drinking and eating, and wasted it recklessly. At present, Liu has been arrested and detained by Yanliang Branch of the Public Security Bureau, and the stolen money involved in the case is also under further investigation.

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