15-year-old junior high school girl was pulled to plastic surgery for a huge loan

 15-year-old junior high school girl was pulled to plastic surgery for a huge loan

Ms. Kang told reporters that her daughter Xiaoyu had just entered the third grade of junior high school this year, but on December 3, that is, Tuesday, she was taken to the magic mirror medical and beauty institution in Zhengzhou by a person named Peng Peng.

Xiaoyu was not only sucked fat, but also borrowed 50000 yuan.

Ms. Kang, who was informed of the news, was so heartbroken that her daughter Xiaoyu was so young and suffered so much. But comparing her daughters loan record and operation time, she felt that her daughters experience seemed to be controlled by a pair of invisible hands.

From the information provided by Ms. Kang, it is clear that the 50000 yuan loaned by Xiaoyu was approved on November 26, while Xiaoyus plastic surgery time in Zhengzhou magic mirror medical and beauty institution was December 3, that is to say, the loan was approved first, then the operation.

From the agency agreement in Ms. Kangs hand, the reporter saw that a person had applied for plastic loan for Xiaoyu. After the operation, Xiaoyu was threatened by the other side.

People under age, be pulled to loan plastic surgery! If the debt is not up, he is threatened to go to the bar as a companion! What secret is hidden behind this? On December 25, the reporter followed Ms. Kang to the magic mirror medical and beauty institution on Songshan South Road, Changjiang Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou city.

In the face of Ms. Kangs questioning, the relevant person in charge said that they had signed an agreement with Xiaoyu and there was no violation.

Who brought Xiaoyu here for plastic surgery, and why did magic mirror medical cosmetology work on an underage child? At the scene, reporters could not learn more information. Therefore, the problem was reflected to the Zhengzhou Health Supervision Bureau and the market supervision bureau of Erqi District of Zhengzhou city.

Investigate and deal with the scene, law enforcement personnel denounce magic mirror medical cosmetology???

Magic mirror medical beauty crazy behavior, let law enforcement officers are angry! Are you crazy to make money? said Shan Zhimin, director of Zhengzhou Health Supervision Bureau, who angrily scolded the person in charge of magic mirror medical beauty agency on the spot Order the other party to return all fees to the loan platform within 24 hours.

The law expressly forbids, the daily patrol supervision, still cannot prevent the magic mirror medical cosmetology, extends the hand to the minor.

The staff of the market supervision office of Songshan Road, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City checked the qualification of the medical personnel on the spot and found that the other party was suspected of false propaganda. They removed the medical personnel on the spot and will be punished for filing a case.

On site investigation and treatment of magic mirror medical cosmetology

In the following investigation, law enforcement officers found more shocking problems. A series of problems, such as no case of operation and no qualification of doctors, gradually emerged.

In less than a month,

350 surgical records, and only a few dozen cases were found. Through checking 24 cases, we found magic mirror medical and beauty institutions

Some surgeons are not qualified for surgery.

Ms. Kang has reported to the police that Xiaoyu may be loaned by beauty routines. But is this unbridled and bottomless act of making money just a case in point?

So, how many girls like Xiaoyu are there?

How crazy is beauty loan?

Can punishment alone stop it?

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