A man sleeping in a hotel says he is awakened by a rat

 A man sleeping in a hotel says he is awakened by a rat

A rat bite? The mans leg is swollen after check in the hotel: blackmail in a planned way (source: ~)

Living in a hotel, everyone hopes to have a comfortable and clean environment, but recently Mr. Wangs experience in the hotel has left him with a lingering fear. He said that he was woken up by a rat in the middle of the night.

Mr. Wang is a business person. He said that on the night of December 26, he checked into a fast hotel located in Qinglong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen. Unexpectedly, at about 2:00 a.m. that night, in his sleep, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right toe.

Mr. Wang recalled, the front desk will call security. Then the security guard went up to have a look. After the wound, he asked the front desk what medicine there was. That is to say, the front desk had iodophor. The iodophor was wiped. Then the security guard was ready to go. Then he turned around and found another rat in the bathroom. He went to take the coat hanger and killed the rat.

As it was late at night, Mr. Wang wanted to go back to bed and rest first, and then go to the hospital for specific treatment the next day. Unexpectedly, an hour later, his right foot was red and swollen. Around 4 a.m., he rushed to the emergency department of Longhua District Peoples Hospital for treatment and received anti allergy drugs and rabies vaccine. Mr. Wangs clinical diagnosis showed that it was toxic erythema and rat bite.

Mr. Wang said that at present, there is a dispute between the two sides on the medical expense commitment agreement for potential complications in the future, while the relevant person in charge of the hotel questioned the authenticity of the incident Mr. Wang encountered in the hotel, and said that the hotel had never found a mouse before, and the two sides still have not reached an agreement.

Some lawyers believe that if the description of the owner is true, according to relevant laws, the hotel manager fails to fulfill the responsibility of safety and security, he should compensate, and the hotel should compensate for the medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses and work delay expenses incurred by the customers treatment. If there are some sequelae caused by mouse bite, the hotel shall also compensate for the expenses related to the treatment of the sequelae.

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