Mens taking their children to see a doctor, jumping in line, refused to be beaten, nurses claiming to be leaders of the municipal government

 Mens taking their children to see a doctor, jumping in line, refused to be beaten, nurses claiming to be leaders of the municipal government

Ms. Hao, 26, is a nurse of Xian Changan hospital. At about 3:00 p.m. on December 29, 2019, a man in his 30s took his child to the emergency department of the hospital to see a doctor. She needed a skin test. The man wanted to jump in the line, but she refused. Later, it was his childs turn. When Ms. Hao took the skin test, the child cried, he said I was revenging. His daughter-in-law held on to me and he punched me hard on the chest. During this period, he also said that he was the leader of the municipal government.

After being boxed, Ms. Hao fell to the ground and fainted briefly. Then she was helped into the security room by the hospital security guard and sent to the rescue room for rescue.

On the morning of January 1, 2020, Ms. Hao was still in hospital. The diagnosis results on her medical records showed that closed chest injury and blunt chest wall contusion.

Chinese Business Daily reporter learned from the hospital that at the time of the incident, the child Chen, 2 years old, was diagnosed with acute upper respiratory tract sensation and myocardial damage. The first doctor gave him infusion treatment and ordered skin test. Ms. Hao, the nurse, received the patients parents medical records and orders. After the parents went to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine, the nurse in the treatment room prepared skin test solution for him. During this period, the parents kept urging him and the nurse gave explanations.

After the epithelia test, the parents asked the nurses to do the skin test for their children with too much force. When the nurses explained, they were pushed and abused by the parents. The father of the child gave Ms. Hao a blow on the chest, and the nurses were dizzy, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

After the incident, the head of the hospital department and the staff of the security department were in place to further persuade the parents, but they still persevered. They continued to abuse and intimidate the nurse, Ms. Hao, and the hospital called the police. After the police arrived, the family members shouted insults and shoving at the security guard and the deputy director of the Department.

The man has always said that he is the leader of the municipal government and can make the hospital what it is like. MS Hao said afterwards, they learned that the man, surnamed Chen, might be a staff member of a certain level of government, I hope the discipline inspection department can intervene in the investigation.

On January 1, the reporter of China Business News learned that at present, the economic development police is investigating this matter.

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