Didi drivers cell phone wants to be paid, drivers death, passengers punishment

 Didi drivers cell phone wants to be paid, drivers death, passengers punishment

On December 31, according to a judgment issued by the judgment document network, the peoples Court of Lianhu District of Xian city found out after the trial that at about 16:00 on March 25, 2018, the defendants Wang, Yu and Wang booked a taxi service through didi Travel software to take the windmill driven by the victim together. After getting off, Yu found that his mobile phone was forgotten in the car. Wang called the driver several times but failed to get through. Then he contacted the driver through Didis customer service. Finally, both parties agreed to meet at a bathing gate to return the mobile phone. The driver asked the defendant to pay 20% of the value of his mobile phone as reward. During this period, Wang and Yu asked Wangs husband Li to call 110 for the police, and Wang reported the incident clues to the TV station twice.

At about 22:30 that night, after three defendants met with the driver, they had a dispute over the cost of returning the mobile phone. Wang first slapped the driver on the head and face, then swung his black leather bag and hit the driver on the upper body twice. When Yu and Wang pushed them away, they also tore and beat the driver with the drivers counterattack. Li, who was present, called the police again. After the driver fell to the ground, he sat on the ground with his back against the wall post and negotiated with Wang and others. After a few minutes, he was convulsed, and Wang called 120 when he saw it. After the emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they found that the driver was dead.

On April 17, 2018, the driver died of an acute attack of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (referred to as coronary heart disease) according to the identification of Shaanxi Baimei forensic medical expert Institute.

The court held that the defendants Wang, Yu and Wang had a dispute with the victim because of their trivial life, attacked and tore the victim with slight violence, and finally caused the victim to die of illness. Their actions had violated the provisions of article 223 of the criminal law of the peoples Republic of China and constituted the crime of causing death by negligence.

In combination with the facts, nature, circumstances and degree of social harm of the defendant in this case, the peoples Court of Lianhu District, in the first trial, sentenced three defendants to the crime of negligent death, respectively, to two years imprisonment and one year and ten months imprisonment. At the same time, the three defendants are ordered to jointly compensate for the material losses totaling 225387 yuan (the three defendants have paid 260000 yuan in court).

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