My mother instigated my son to steal express delivery and was caught by the police: I am responsible for what he stole?

 My mother instigated my son to steal express delivery and was caught by the police: I am responsible for what he stole?

My mother instigated my 9-year-old son to steal express delivery and was arrested: I am responsible for the childs stealing? (source: ~)

At 4:00 p.m. on November 25, Ms. Li, a citizen of Suzhou, received a phone call from the courier brother, saying that a package had been delivered to the storage point. When Ms. Li arrived at the deposit, the package with a blue quilt was gone.

Police found that a middle-aged woman riding a battery car parked near the express deposit. Then, a boy got off the car and entered the express store. A few minutes later, the little boy left the storage point without anything in his hand, ran to the battery car where the woman stopped, said something to the woman, and then quickly ran back to the express storage point. Only a minute later, the little boy took two parcels out of the express storage point, then got on the womans battery car and left quickly.

The police continued to follow the surveillance and found the boys temporary residence. It is reported that the boy is 9 years old and his mother is riding the battery car. In their rental room, the bed was covered with a blue quilt, the one Miss Li lost.

The policeman asked, did your child take it? He didnt notice. He took it wrong. The woman replied in this way.

Then, the police found a lot of express packages at home, but the name of the woman was not shown on the express list. These things include cosmetics, clothes, bedding, etc., which are consistent with the stolen items reported by the owners. Many express packages havent been unpacked yet, and many express boxes are piled outside the door.

In front of a lot of evidence, the woman finally admitted that she taught her son to steal express delivery. And the reason why she did this was that she thought that children were still young and that adults might not be responsible for stealing.

The police carried out severe criticism and education on women. The woman is currently in criminal detention.

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