Man bathes on the road to encounter a car accident but dies in the wheat field two kilometers away?

 Man bathes on the road to encounter a car accident but dies in the wheat field two kilometers away?

A man was killed in a car accident on his way to a bath in a wheat field two kilometers away

A few days ago, villagers in Qianhuzhai village of Xinzheng woke up early in the morning, scared by a mans corpse in the wheat field. As soon as the result was reported to the police, the cause of the mans death was unexpected.

The man lay on his side in the wheat field, his body was scarred and his head was obviously damaged. But Xinzheng police soon ruled out the possibility of homicide. Through the monitoring of the crime scene, the police found a strange scene.

During the monitoring at the time of the incident, the man was walking on the road and was suddenly knocked down by a truck coming from behind. The car didnt stop at that time. After the collision, the man lost consciousness instantly. Five minutes later, the man stood up by himself and walked in the opposite direction with the isolation pier on the side of the road.

Through the track of the pedestrian route after the man was hit, the police of Xinmi Traffic Police Brigade found that the man walked about two kilometers from Xinmi all the way to Xinzheng. At the end of November, police found the driver mu in a factory building in Xinmi. At that time, the man lied that he thought it was someone who touched the porcelain, so he didnt stop the car.

According to the family members of the deceased, he went to take a bath that day. I didnt expect to encounter such a thing. According to the accident responsibility determination, the driver Mu is fully responsible for the accident. At present, Mu has been detained by the police according to law.

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