The quarrel between JiuGuiJiu and dealers: why does sweet element become a back pot man?

 The quarrel between JiuGuiJiu and dealers: why does sweet element become a back pot man?

In the afternoon of December 25, Hunan provincial and municipal supervision bureau announced the statistical results of liquor sampling monitoring in the province for the past three years. From 2017 to 2019, the municipal supervision departments at all levels (including the original food and drug supervision departments) monitored a total of 64 batches of liquor in the production of Jiugui Liquor, all of which met the standard requirements.

On the evening of December 25, the Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province announced the results of special spot check of Jiugui Liquor Products. A total of 30 batches of Jiugui Liquor production products were sampled. After inspection, no sodium cyclamate (quantitative limit 0.0001g / kg) was detected, meeting the standard requirements.

On December 26, the Municipal Supervision Bureau of Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xiangxi sent a notice of rejection of the complaint to the informant Shi Lei, and decided not to accept the report after research.

In the secondary market, the liquor industry sector index did not repeat the plasticizer storm. On December 26, 27 and 30, the industry sector index continued to gain the most. On December 27, the closing day, the industry sector index closed at 3031.90, up 44.61 points, up 1.49%, and the liquor industry index rose 2.7% again on December 30. JiuGuiJiu rose 4.03% at the beginning of trading on December 27.

But the question of sweet element is still unsolved.

Reporter Shi Leis real name tells us whether the 54 degree 500ml old wine produced in 2012 contains sodium cyclamate or not? Why does Xiangxi Prefecture Municipal Supervision Bureau, without official inspection report, strongly control 8126 pieces (6 bottles per piece) of 54 u00b0 500ml old wine ghost liquor in 2012 in Shilei company, and prohibit it from entering the market?

Interest entanglement behind

It is obvious that the test results of Hunan provincial and Municipal Supervision Bureau and the decision of rejection of Xiangxi Prefecture Municipal Supervision Bureau are difficult for the whistleblower Shi Lei to approve. Recently, he said publicly that the local market Bureau failed to report, and he will continue to report, even the State Administration of market supervision.

In retrospect, the key problem is not to report the product itself. Beijing lawyers who focus on property rights told China News Weekly that many interests are involved in the sweet element incident, and the secrets related to JiuGuiJiu and its related parties, such as product trademark rights and packaging rights, are the source of the dispute.

In the middle of December this year, Shi Lei, the legal representative of Beijing Yuxuan company, the general agent of 54 u00b0 500ml old wine ghost liquor, reported to the media that 50000 bottles of wine ghost liquor had been sealed up in its warehouse, and it was found that sweet element had been added, so it dared not flow to the market, and the wine ghost liquor refused to compensate for the loss.

To this end, JiuGuiJiu announced on December 21, JiuGuiJiu company is strictly prohibited from adding sodium cyclamate, and has never purchased sodium cyclamate. At the same time, JiuGuiJiu said that due to the economic dispute with the company, Shi Lei intended to seek improper interests, and was severely refused by the company, so he made malicious speculation.

Whether the 54 u00b0 500ml old wine produced in 2012 reported by Shi Lei added sodium cyclamate or not has not been accurately reported by the market supervision department so far, and no positive response has been made to the wine. It is curious why the old wine produced in 2012 did not break out until 2019?

Moreover, it is understood that the sweet element belongs to the sweetener of food additives. Its sweetness is 30-80 times of that of sucrose. Its sweetness is pure, natural, without peculiar smell, and its property is stable. FAO / who approved it as a food additive in 1994.

In addition, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the European Commission, the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards authorities all allow it to be used as a sweetener for table sweeteners.

In China, sodium cyclamate is allowed to be used in canned fruit, jam, fermented bean curd, nut, bread, pastry, seasoning and even in the preparation of liquor (based on fermented wine, distilled wine or edible alcohol, added with edible auxiliary materials or food additives, prepared by blending, mixing or reprocessing, which has changed its original liquor base style), but not in liquor Add to.

In other words, unlike plasticizers, sodium cyclamate is not strictly forbidden to be used in ordinary foods.

Looking back to the outbreak of plasticizer wave of Jiugui Liquor in 2012, the company was fully denounced and even directly affected the operation and rectification of the whole liquor industry, while its agents chose collective dumb voice.

The incident reported by agents and distributors is not serious in itself, but it reveals the secrets of the liquor industry behind it, and also tears the trading chain behind JiuGuiJiu, agents and distributors.

According to investigation, JiuGuiJius interest entanglement with reporter Shi Lei dates back to 2007. Before 2012, Jiugui Liquor was on the rise, with close cooperation with agents and distributors, and it was a community of interests.

According to the public information, in 2007, Huang Yongyu, a famous painter, once designed a new version of packaging for Jiugui Liquor, which was not drunk, not too drunk. On June 21, 2007, Huang Yongyu and Shilei company signed the agreement on transfer of intellectual property rights of new packaging design of JiuGuiJiu, which transferred the intellectual property rights related to not not to be drunk, not to be too drunk and calligraphy works with the word jiu to Shilei company.

On June 28 of the same year, Shilei company signed a contract for the transfer of intellectual property rights in packaging design with JiuGuiJiu. It is agreed that when JiuGuiJiu orders the package of JiuGuiJiu new intellectual property rights agreed in this contract in the future, regardless of the way to determine the supplier, Shilei party enjoys the priority under the same supply conditions and the right to know.

Based on the above agreement and contract, Shi Lei is actually the packaging material supplier and product distributor of Jiugui Liquor.

According to the Clarification Announcement of Jiugui Liquor, on April 19, 2012, Yuxuan company of Shilei signed the general agent contract for buyout products with Jiugui Liquor, and exclusively customized and sold 54 u00b0 500ml Jiugui Liquor Products. Since then, Shi Lei has provided such packaging materials as wine bottles and packing boxes, and purchased all the products successively at a price of 30 million yuan, totaling 125624 bottles.

On November 19, 2012, Jiugui Liquor was found to exceed the standard of plasticizer by 2.6 times, which triggered an earthquake affecting the whole liquor industry. Since then, the liquor industry has been deeply adjusted, while Jiugui Liquor has been in a long-term low. After two consecutive years of losses in 2013 and 2014, it was punished by St.

Plasticizer brings the whole liquor industry down. Jiugui Liquor, as the leading role, is on the edge of delisting. The sales market even directly stagnates. Jiugui Liquor agents and distributors are suffering.

In February 2013, Shi Lei asked JiuGuiJiu to provide 40 tons of 54 u00b0 500ml laojiuguijiu free of charge as market construction support for the sake of poor market environment. From April 2014 to March 2015, Jiugui Liquor successively produced 80000 bottles of 54 u00b0 500ml old Jiugui Liquor (40 tons of liquor), which was given to Shi Lei as market policy support free of charge.

In October 2015, COFCO group became the actual controller of Jiugui Liquor, and the management team of Jiugui Liquor began to change blood, after which the conflict with dealers began to intensify.

In December 2015, Shi Lei asked JiuGuiJiu to present 8000 bottles of 54 u00b0 500ml old JiuGuiJiu.

At the beginning of 2016, in order to standardize the market order and boost the confidence of the channel, Jiugui wines new management team proposed to return and replace all the products in stock before 2013 that had doubts about the dealers, and on the basis of friendly negotiation, it offered reasonable compensation, and at the same time, it refused Shi Leis request.

On August 25, 2016, Shi Lei filed a lawsuit with Xiangxi intermediate court, believing that Jiugui Liquor did not guarantee the right to know and priority, and arbitrarily handed over the customized business of packaging materials to suppliers with the names of Yongfa and goldfish for implementation, so he requested to terminate the intellectual property transfer contract signed on June 28, 2007.

It is understood that after the final trial of Xiangxi intermediate court, Shilei company applied to Hunan higher court for appeal, which has been sent back to Xiangxi intermediate court for retrial.

Analysts said that Beijing Yuxuan company and the whistleblower Shi Lei, who set off the incident, are not only liquor dealers, but also liquor intellectual property agents and packaging materials suppliers, who are very familiar with liquor. After COFCO group became the actual controller of Jiugui Liquor, Jiugui Liquor changed its management and distribution strategy, and the accumulated conflicts between relevant stakeholders broke out, which was the truth of the event.

It is worth noting that behind the JiuGuiJiu sweet element, the current JiuGuiJiu management team and the dealers have how many interest disputes. Until now, the parties have been silent. Chinas Newsweek has called and sent letters to interview JiuGuiJiu, but never got a reply.

Strong alcoholic drinks

Dramatically, it was just on the afternoon of December 26 that the brand rejuvenation, sailing - Xiangjiu revitalization and Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. high quality development conference was held in Changsha, attended by Chen Fei, vice governor of Hunan Province, Yu Xubo, President of COFCO group and other leaders.

In his speech, Chen Fei said, Jiugui Liquor is the largest industrial enterprise in Xiangxi Prefecture, and also the only A-share listed company in the liquor industry, bearing the banner and direction of leading the development of Xiangxi enterprises, as well as the important task of promoting Hunan Xiangjiu. He said that Jiugui Liquor is not only the liquor of Hunan Province, but also the liquor of China. It should also become the worlds liquor, and build a famous Jiugui Liquor Brand belonging to Xiangxi, Hunan, China and the world.

Yu Xubo, President of COFCO, said Jiugui Liquor should be driven by the Hunan spirit to create a better ecological environment and ecosystem for the liquor industry in Hunan, and even for the liquor industry in China, so as to help the whole liquor industry grow stronger, better and bigger.

Wang Hao, chairman and general manager of COFCO and chairman of Jiugui Liquor, said that since COFCO settled in Jiugui Liquor, it has given Jiugui Liquor all-round support and vigorously promoted the accelerated development of Jiugui Liquor. At the meeting, he also responded to the incident of sweet element report, saying: with the support of dealers, we are full of morale.

Can the government and COFCO give the public a truth about the quarrel between JiuGuiJiu and dealers, and can the market believe JiuGuiJiu again?

A liquor industry analyst told China News Weekly that as a local liquor brand, only relying on government policy endorsement is obviously not a market-oriented strategy. The product needs to face consumers, and the liquor ghost liquor with plasticizer shadow once again has similar events. Only relying on part of the testing at the government level shows that it is obviously difficult to convince the market, and only excellent quality can make a good brand.

The new Beijing news even sent out seven questions: where did the sweet element found by dealers come from? Is there any violation of regulations on the content of sodium cyclamate in alcohol produced in 2012? How much is the 54 degree 500ml old wine that flows to the market? Is there any improper claim by Shi Lei? Where does Shi Lei want to test the base of more than 50000 bottles of wine in stock? What can Hunan tell us about the spot check of Jiugui Liquor circulation products in the market? Why doesnt the supervision department test Shileis stock liquor?

In the face of doubt, JiuGuiJiu never gives a positive response.

In fact, JiuGuiJiu is involved in more than one property right dispute. However, China News Weekly found that after COFCO became the main drinker, the companys disputes over trademarks, property rights and even people broke out suddenly, which also led to the industrys query on the operation and management ability of Jiugui Liquor.

Many disputes

According to statistics on Tianyan official website of China News Weekly, in December 2018 alone, JiuGuiJiu sued others or companies for infringement of trademark rights, with 58 disputes.

Since 2019, JiuGuiJiu has sued more than 310 others or companies for infringement of trademark rights, most of whom are xiaoshangchao and tobacco and alcohol companies. In 2019, Jiugui Liquor was sued by others or companies for infringement of trademark rights up to 10 times.

In addition, in order to fight for control, JiuGuiJiu also sued its affiliated company, jiuguidongcangjiu company, with a notice.

On March 13, 2012, Jiugui Liquor and Zhuhai TaSiN liquor industry jointly initiated the establishment of Jiugui Dongcang liquor, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, and each party contributed 50 million yuan, accounting for 50% of the equity. After negotiation, the registered capital was reduced to 50 million yuan, with the equity ratio unchanged. Li Jiankang, the actual controller of TaSiN liquor industry, serves as the general manager and legal representative. Jiugui Liquor effectively manages and supervises Jiugui Dongcang liquor by appointing three directors. Since 2016, the original directors of Taxin liquor industry appointed by JiuGuiJiu have successively left their posts, and JiuGuiJiu, who was led by COFCO, has been refused to hold a shareholders meeting to replace the directors. Therefore, JiuGuiJiu requires the dissolution of jiuguidongcangjiu according to law.

At present, related companies of sweet element whistleblower Shi Lei are suing the court to terminate the right to use the new packaging for Jiugui Liquor on the grounds that Jiugui Liquor Company failed to fulfill its priority and right to know the new packaging order according to the contract.

According to the survey, Huang Yongyus sack pottery bottle packaging is currently used as the core product of Jiugui Liquor, and is a major selling point of Jiugui Liquor Products. One of the two single products promoted by Jiugui Liquor, 52 u00b0 highly soft hongtan Jiugui Liquor, has been brought to court due to disputes over the use of intellectual property rights.

According to this, analysts pointed out that the packaging of sack pottery bottle has become a symbol in the brand structure of Jiugui Liquor, and disputes over the core symbols will inevitably affect its brand image. JiuGuiJiu will have to face greater market risk.

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