Womens massage can cure breast cancer and cry after diagnosis: ignorance hurts me

 Womens massage can cure breast cancer and cry after diagnosis: ignorance hurts me

Recently, the breast surgery department of the Eastern Hospital of Li Huili hospital in Ningbo received a patient, Ms. Wang. Because of the breast mass, she did not receive regular treatment for a long time, and finally was diagnosed as a late stage of breast cancer.

Ms. Wang is 40 years old. When she first came to see a doctor, the doctor found that her whole left breast was swollen, like a hard ball. Some of her skin had been festering, with pus and moss on the surface, accompanied by the stench. The patient was in pain and suffering. According to the rich clinical experience, Wu Wei, the chief director of the clinic, was not optimistic about the situation, so he hurriedly made further examination. From the symptoms and manifestations, it is likely to be breast cancer.

Sure enough, through breast mass biopsy and comprehensive examination, the patient was diagnosed as left breast cancer with axillary lymph node metastasis and lung metastasis. The opportunity of radical surgery has been missed. At present, comprehensive treatment is the only way to control the further progress of tumor.

With the results of the examination, Ms. Wangs family almost collapsed.

After asking about the patients medical history, I learned that Ms. Wang found a nodule and lump in her breast during her physical examination more than one year ago. She was afraid to see a doctor, but she refused to see a doctor. What she saw in a beauty salon was that she could eliminate the lump through breast massage. So she quickly made a set meal for herself, and went to the beauty salon regularly to do essential oil massage, breast cupping and other projects, until the milk I came to see a doctor when my house was broken and I couldnt stand the pain.

I really regret it. I thought that breast cancer could be eliminated by breast health care. I didnt think that my ignorance hurt me. At the thought of her own experience, Ms. Wang could not help shedding tears of regret.

Since work, there are not a few patients who have been blinded to believe in breast care and delayed the best time for treatment. Said Wu Wei, the chief director.

Director Wu reminded the female friends: if you can understand breast health knowledge and find breast masses, you can see a doctor in time. Many breast cancers are completely curable. Its natural for women to love beauty, but to really love themselves, we should start from breast self inspection and regular regular breast physical examination in regular hospitals.

The best time for breast self-examination is on the 7th-10th day of menstruation (menopausal women can choose a fixed day every month), which can be carried out when bathing or changing clothes, following the sequence of one look, two touch and three squeeze (squeeze and squeeze the areola nipple).

If the breast is found to be suddenly asymmetric, the direction of the nipple is deviated, the nipple is sunken, the breast or axillary mass, the breast skin is abnormal, the nipple is bleeding, and the overflow (there are blood stains or stains on the underwear) should be treated in a regular hospital in time. For women over 40 years old, it is recommended to have at least one breast clinical examination in a regular hospital every year.

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