Man pries open the safe to face 1.2 million only take 270000: life cant be too absolute

 Man pries open the safe to face 1.2 million only take 270000: life cant be too absolute

The stolen safe is located on the fourth floor of the enterprise. Because the enterprise is going to pay wages, the enterprise has put 1.2 million cash in the safe, 100000 yuan in a bundle, a total of 12 bundles. Police found that the thieves took 270000 yuan of it, and 930000 yuan of cash was left at the scene. A bundle of 100000 yuan of cash was cut specially.

Tan Jinyu, deputy director of Haichang police station of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, said that at that time, they did feel that this matter was a bit strange, because according to the normal thinking analysis, as a theft suspect, it is impossible to leave a large amount of cash without taking it, only a small part of it.

Through the live playback monitoring, it was found that the suspect first appeared on the fourth floor, but the police played back the monitoring for two days, and did not find how the suspect entered, which became the second doubt.

Tan Jinyu said that after a careful search around the scene, they found a suspicious footprints on the roof of the office building. Through the footprints for further search, it should be determined that the suspect entered the office building through stairs or rope ladders.

Lin Hui, a police officer at Haichang police station of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, said that they checked a lot of the surrounding monitoring and finally followed his route.

Through analysis and judgment, the police have initially mastered the identity of the suspect. On December 24, police successfully arrested the suspect in a shopping mall in Wuxi. The suspects surname is Tian, 34 years old, from Guizhou Province. He has two previous convictions of stealing the safe of an enterprise. Tian explained that he came to Haining from Wuxi specially. He stepped on the spot in advance and was familiar with the terrain. He had designed how to enter and leave.

Tan Jinyu said that the criminal suspect is very cunning and has a strong sense of anti reconnaissance, because he wore gloves, hat and mask during the whole process of committing the crime, and then had a very high vigilance before entering the scene. He didnt walk the main road and deliberately bypassed the surveillance.

Tian said he had planned to steal tens of thousands of yuan, but when he opened the safe, he was shocked by the cash in front of him, but he didnt dare to take too much, so he cut a bundle of 100000 yuan of cash and took 30000 of them. When he was preparing to go back on the rooftop, he thought that there was still a debt of 200000 yuan outside. He thought that he was in a hurry to ask for money outside. He went back to the financial room where he put the safe. He took two bundles, one of which was 100000 yuan, and four small bundles, totaling 240000 yuan.

When Tian set foot on the platform again, he had a fight in his heart. He thought that he could change his destiny if he didnt steal all the things. So he went back to the finance office for the third time.

Lin Hui said, that is to say, Tian went to that place three times and got tangled in front of the safe there. He said that being a bad guy cant be too great. Because of this sentence, Tian thought that he had stolen 270000 yuan, and there was a great loss in the factory. He couldnt continue to harm the factory, so he left with 270000 yuan.

Although Tian thinks the plan is flawless, he cant escape the legal sanction in the end. At present, because of suspected theft, Tian has been detained by the police.

Police reminded that near the end of the year, enterprises spend more money, we must do a good job in anti-theft measures, suggest that enterprises pay wages and bonuses, etc. or directly punch in, do not recommend storing a large amount of cash in the property safe.

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