Celebrating more than one year reveals the ending music of the film, MV, Xiao Zhans affectionate memory

 Celebrating more than one year reveals the ending music of the film, MV, Xiao Zhans affectionate memory

Xiao Zhan sings the epilogue of Celebrating more than one year

Reliving the memory of more than one year and interpreting the Oriental sense of story

Celebrating more than one year is a novel first published in 2007 by Maoni, a platinum writer of Yuewen group, and it is also a famous work. Over the years, it has accumulated a large number of loyal fans on the Internet. The drama version of Qing Yu Nian, written by Wang Langren and directed by SUN Hao, tells Zhang Qing, a college student who is familiar with classical masterpieces. In order to let Professor Ye recognize his thesis proposition of analyzing ancient literature history with modern concepts, he decided to further elaborate his own views by writing novels. In his novels, fan Xian (Zhang Ruoyun), a mysterious young man, is portrayed. Through describing all kinds of tests and tempering he has experienced in his family, Jianghu and temple, he has written an unusual and hearty life legend.

Today, the play released the ending music more than one year MV. The beautiful and soft melody brings endless warmth to the audience when winter comes. More than a year is sung by actor Xiao Zhan, composed by LV Jingya, composed and produced by Chen Shimu, and exclusively produced and distributed by Renxi music. In the play, Bingyun is a prince who is loyal to the country and is as elegant as jade. He is deeply loved by the audience. In the singing of more than one year, Xiao Zhan also continues the clear and delicate characters in the play, and uses the gentle and healing aria to narrate the changeable legend. In the song, there is not only the boundless tenderness of breaking the front edge, no regrets, Xiaoxiao world of mortals, missing as before, but also the moving mutual respect of even if you are crossing the thousands of mountains all the way, you are always with me. As the producer Chen Shimu said, more than one year is tailor-made for Xiao Zhan. Its deep, clean and soft voice lines sing the classical and graceful sense of story of more than one year, depicting a picture of family and the Jianghu, ideal and original intention, test and tempering of ink painting, which makes people fall in love. In addition, the MV also reviews the growing experience of fan Xian along the way. Many classic scenes in the play lead the audience back to the vast world and tell the growing process of fan Xian in warm feelings. The MV starts with fan Xians saying, I dont think if there is no such living beings, there will be no country to celebrate, no human beings. a short sentence conveys fan Xians original intention and insistence on fairness and justice along the way, his love and dedication to the country, and further integrates the core of the drama into the song, and delivers the true, good and beautiful spirit of the truth remains unchanged, and the original heart does not change to the audience.

Youth Chronicle large film outlines Heroes

Fan Xianqis adventure at the end of his official career attracted much attention

Today, a large scale of youth Chronicles has been released in Qing Yu to present the youth style in the form of ancient style paintings. Free and easy in nature, but heavy in sentiment and righteousness, and always adhere to the fair and just style; funny and humorous fan Sizhe (Guo Qilin); loyal to the king, devoted to Yan Bingyun of Daqing; seemingly free and easy, but actually thoughtful Second Prince (Liu duanduanduanduanduanduan); Prince (Zhang Haowei), who can bear to stay dormant and wait for the opportunity to make a splash; red courage The loyal and talented GAODA (played by Li Shen), the gentle and talented Prince jingshizi (played by Liu runnan), the intelligent and ambitious emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty and Doudou (played by Liu Meitong), and other heroes came to the stage one by one to show the rich and diverse characters of the Qing Dynasty. Young people with different personalities and pursuits infuse blood and passion into the vast and huge world of Celebrating the past year, and compose a heroic legend.

Yesterday, the plot of Celebrating more than one year is full of bright spots and energy. After saving Sean (Yu Rongguang), fan Xian accidentally learns from his mouth that he is the son of Qing Emperor (Chen Daoming). He is shocked by the secret. At the same time, he understands that his meeting with tengzijing (Wang Yang) and others was specially arranged by Chen Pingping (Wu Gang), which makes fan Xian deeply afraid. On the other hand, fan Xian continues to live in the north Qi mediates in the complicated political situation, and confronts with Shen Chong (Yu Xiaowei), the Minister of power, and Empress Dowager of the Northern Qi Dynasty (Liang Aiqi) several times, setting up a bureau to find out the smuggler behind. The story is about to reach its climax, and the follow-up development of Qing Yu is expected. Tonight, Celebrating the year will come to an end. How will fan Xian fight Shen Zhong? Can he take Yan Bingyun and others back to Nanqing to finish the task smoothly? The ending is coming soon, and the finale of Celebrating more than one year arouses the enthusiasm of netizens.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie