Network media into the barracks

 Network media into the barracks

Military leaders at the launching ceremony

In October this year, the major network campaign launched by the Central Military Commission and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission was jointly organized by the Central Political Bureau of the Central Military Commission. The purpose is to deeply reflect the PLAs and armed police forces study and implementation of Xi Jinpings strong army ideology and vividly display the theoretical creation and great practice of President Xis strong army and army building.

Combat training for soldiers of synthetic Brigade

On the day of the activity, the temperature of a synthetic brigade was as low as minus 16 u2103, but the actual combat training carried out by the soldiers in the cold wind made the whole training ground extremely hot and full of smoke. Under the influence of the soldiers, the reporters were not afraid of the cold, followed the training and interviewed at close range, and experienced the tenacious style and excellent quality of the army officers and soldiers. Reporters also visited some of the equipment provided by the army, experienced exercises in various military subjects, explored the cultural construction of the battalion, and experienced and interviewed the spiritual core of the modern elite force from different levels.

Small editors experience all kinds of light weapons of the PLA, soldiers explain the 92 pistol

In addition, the network of public opinion Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, the radio and Television Department of the PLA, the eighty-first army of the army, the leaders of a synthetic brigade and the media reporters of the website platforms have also conducted extensive exchanges and interactions, introducing the role played by Xi Jinping in strengthening the armys ideological propaganda in recent years, sharing the successful experience of the platform construction, and focusing on the media deep integration. Together to discuss the future development direction of new military and local media. China military vision also reached a consensus with more than 20 strategic partners on the next in-depth cooperation mechanism.

Its not a common training method for small editors to experience huge wood pressure