1.37 billion luxury houses from the main house to the guest room have to drive

 1.37 billion luxury houses from the main house to the guest room have to drive

The 1.37 billion luxury houses and garages covering an area of 40000 square meters can park 40 cars, and the wine cellar can store 12000 bottles of wine

The mansion, chatwell estate, is one of the top properties in the United States. It is located in Los Angeles, California, the heart of Belair.

The property covers a total area of 10.39 acres (about 40000 square meters), and the original main house area is 25000 square feet, equivalent to 2323 square meters. Originally designed by Sumner Spaulding in 1930, it adopts French neoclassicism style and symmetrically cut limestone with classic and elegant appearance. The interior was completely renovated in the late 1980s by Henry Samuel, one of the most important designers of the 20th century. And it has a panoramic view from downtown to the Pacific Ocean.

The estate belonged to the late billionaire Gerald pelinger. He was 717 on the 2017 billionaire list.

The property is currently listed for $195 million, or about 1.37 billion yuan. Seriously, when you see this price, you are shocked.

Of course, if this manor can be sold at such a high price, there must be something inhuman about it. For example, in this manor, the guest rooms are not one room, but a whole building. There should be living rooms, bedrooms and restaurants inside. The garage is not one for two. It is also built separately and can accommodate 40 cars.

In the manor, the vegetation is very lush, just like living in the forest. There are not only neat and beautiful British gardens, but also garden houses, Koi pools, mangroves and streams.

Although almost every mansion has a swimming pool, it is estimated that few will be equipped with a swimming pool house, but this is how the mansion operates. And theres a super professional tennis court next to the pool.

And there is a secret tunnel in the mansion, which is amazing!

Such a large manor, even if it is driven, is estimated to take half a day to go through. Do you want to see the length of 1.37 billion luxury houses? Click the atlas below to see the details!