My brother did a good job, but my cell phone didnt get any benefits. I reached for the chest of the female passenger

 My brother did a good job, but my cell phone didnt get any benefits. I reached for the chest of the female passenger

Suddenly, in front of an apartment on xiangjisi road in Hangzhou, a sharp female voice cut through the night sky, and the lights in the nearby residential buildings were also on

The apartment security guard rushed out, only to see a taxi on the road. On the side of the car, a young woman dressed in black silk, boots and modern clothes is standing.

The womans face was red with anger, and she accused a man in a red down jacket like a firecracker.

The man kept nodding and bowing and apologizing: Im sorry, I was confused for a while. Why dont you hit me? You can slap me two times, as long as you are happy...

Seeing that the woman was still angry, the man took out another handful of money: or I will give you the money, you can never call the police.

A few melon eaters were surrounded, but the young woman was not moved at all.

The woman said that although you apologize, you cant be forgiven for such behavior. You must be punished by law!

Later, the police of Hushu police station rushed to take the young women and men back to the station.

At the police station, the man regretted, said he was really confused for a while, and then quickly explained the contextu2014u2014

The man is a taxi driver, surnamed Gan, 34 years old, from Henan Province.

At about 11 oclock that night, ganmou picked up the young woman at the entrance of a KTV in Windsor, Hushu South Road, and took her to the entrance of an apartment on xiangjisi road to get off. After drinking the wine, the woman was a little confused and then staggered into the apartment and forgot to pay the fare.

Gan called her several times and didnt respond. When he got out of the car and rushed over, the woman had entered the community. As a result of access control, Gan was stopped outside the door, horizontal and vertical can not go in, he had to admit bad luck, driving away.

After driving for a while, he accidentally looked in the rearview mirror and found that the womans mobile phone was left in the back seat of the car. Ganmou thinks about it, but decides to be a good man and send back his cell phone.

So ganmou drove back to the door of the apartment. Maybe after getting off, the woman also found her mobile phone left on the car and turned back to the door of the apartment. Waiting for the taxi driver, she was very happy to see ganmou driving back.

Gan got out of the car and took her cell phone to the woman. By the way, she asked for the fare.

Gan said: I thought I was eager to send a mobile phone, the woman would give some hard work, who knows that she scanned the code and paid 20 yuan for the car, not even a dime of hard work.

Think of the cold weather, a long way to send a mobile phone, a little cheap didnt get, master Gan suddenly felt a big loss. I dont know how to think about it. I reached for the womans chest and pinched it hard

Then there was the opening scene.

At present, Gan is suspected of indecency and has been put in administrative detention.

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