Salute! Xi Jinping specifically mentioned these people in the new years message.

 Salute! Xi Jinping specifically mentioned these people in the new years message.

They, who are they?

Zhang Fuqing, who has a lifetime of fame and reputation and never changed his mind

95 year old hero Zhang Fuqing

March 1948, joined the Chinese peoples Liberation Army

A time of war

Zeng Ronglis first-class work 3 times and second-class work 1 time

Ive been a commando for many times

After retiring, he took the initiative to choose

Working in remote and poor mountainous areas

More than 60 years of profound fame

I have never told anyone around me about the great achievements of the war

Not to mention as capital

Request and treat the organization

Huang Wenxiu who dedicates his youth and life to the cause of poverty alleviation

She resolutely returned to her hometown Baise, Guangxi

Devote oneself to poverty alleviation

She helps farmers develop E-commerce

Application for the installation of tongtun street lights in the village

During more than one year of working

Number of poor households in her village

From 195 to 15

She was killed in a mountain flood

With beautiful youth

Interpreted the original mission of the Communists

Composed the song of youth in the new era

March 31 PM

Forest fire scene in Muli, Liangshan, Sichuan

Burst forest fire

A huge fireball is formed in an instant

31 heroes died fighting the fire

This is the last image before they go up the mountain to put out the fire

Morning of April 4

On both sides of the road to the site of the memorial service

At the end of the wreath hung a banner with white characters on a black background:

Mourning for the forest fire in Muli, Sichuan Province

Heroic martyrs

Thats the color of the forest

Du Fuguo protecting his comrades in arms with his own body

October 11, 2018 afternoon

During manual search and demining

Du Fuguo, soldier of Yunnan mine sweeping brigade of Southern theater Army

The grenade exploded suddenly

Du Fuguo lost his hands and eyes

One year after the injury

He gets 60 shots at a time

But the quilt still needs to be folded into tofu pieces

Move forward forever

Chinese womens volleyball team winning the world cup with 11 consecutive victories

Womens Volleyball World Cup 2019

Chinese womens volleyball team

Win the championship with 11 consecutive victories

Raise the national flag and play the National Anthem

Womens volleyball girls did it!

In 1981, at the third world cup of womens Volleyball

For 38 years, Chinese womens volleyball team

In the world cup, the world championships, the Olympic Games

Formed a united, cooperative and hard-working

Spirit of women volleyball team

There are many more

No regrets, no regrets

Unknown hero

They are ordinary people

Writing an extraordinary life

Salute, every effort of you!

In 2020, keep going!