Its new! Four highlights on President Xis bookshelf

 Its new! Four highlights on President Xis bookshelf

What are the old photos on the shelf this year, and what are the new photos recording important moments? Whats the story behind them? CCTVs current affairs will be sorted out in four highlights to reveal the new changes on President Xis bookshelf.

The oath is a solemn commitment to the people. Never off the shelf oath photo is never fading behind the clank oath, is always stick to the fist and fist heart.

This changed and unchanging picture on President Xis bookshelf records an extraordinary 2019 and also witnesses a China that is changing with each passing day, full of vitality and striving to move forward.

As always, his new years greetings reach peoples hearts, give people warmth and hope, and give people courage and strength to move forward.

Seize the day, never lose the time!

The morning light will come in 2020. Lets take advantage of the wind and go for a long distance to see the mountains and rivers.