Xi Jinpings New Year message aroused enthusiastic response among cadres and masses everywhere.

 Xi Jinpings New Year message aroused enthusiastic response among cadres and masses everywhere.

Zhang Honghui, the leader of the Dulongjiang traffic police squadron in the Dulongjiang Autonomous County, Gongshan, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, watched the new years greetings on his mobile phone. President Xi spoke about the Dulong People and cordially greeted the fighters who held their posts. Zhang Honghui said: as a whole, the Dulong People have been lifted out of poverty, and there are more cars on the road. We must guard this road and work together with the Dulong People!

Zhuoga, sisters of Yangzong and villagers, the model of the times, watched the TV broadcast together. It has been more than two years since President Xi wrote back to the two sisters. Zhuoga, his sister, said excitedly, we are going to report to President Xi that Yumai has changed. There were 195 residents in 56 households in the three people village of that year, and all of them have been lifted out of poverty. We are herding and guarding the border together to build a happy home!

The cadres and masses in Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Ningde City, Fujian Province are also deeply excited. It has been nearly five months since President Xi wrote back to the villagers. In his congratulatory message, Shen Youzhong, who went back to his hometown to start his own business after graduating from University, was very proud: I will continue to base myself on the advantages of green mountains and rivers, let the agricultural products of my hometown go out, and make due contributions to the revitalization of the countryside.

There are many unsung heroes who have no regrets and devotion. They have written extraordinary life with ordinary people. Listening to President Xis warm words, Wang Shihua, the wife of Wang Jicai, the model of the times, could not help but cry. Wang Jicais 32 years of adherence to the island moved China, and now Wang Shihua continues to stay on Kaishan island. I would like to work with the militia on duty to guard the posts, pass on the spirit of patriotism and dedication, and let the five-star red flag on Kaishan Island fly high. Wang Shihua said.

Looking at the land of Shenzhou, there are new changes and new weather everywhere

The sky is high and the sea is wide. The wind is setting sail. The officers and men of the Shandong Navy listened to the new years greetings for the first time. Half a month ago, Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier was listed, and they accepted President Xis review together. In the new year, I will not forget my original mind and mission, and make greater contribution to the formation of combat effectiveness of domestic aircraft carriers as soon as possible, said Chen, a female pilot in the navigation department

On both sides of the Huangpu River, there are abundant resources and people, and the flow of light is brilliant... Sheng Hong, Secretary of the general Party branch of ronghua residential area, Hongqiao street, Changning District, Shanghai, and director of Gubei Civic Center, recalled the scene of President Xis inspection. In the past year, Shenghong and his colleagues have cracked many peoples worries. They are working together to figure out a new mechanism of grass-roots governance, let the residents come up with ideas, and truly realize the co construction, CO governance and sharing of community work.

Liu Zhanhua and his family, who live in Kenli District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, were eating dumplings and listening to new years greetings. Gas village connection project let villagers remove the charcoal stove, gas stove is convenient and clean, and no longer need to deal with firewood stalks and coal blocks. After listening to President Xis Thoughts on us, its warmer on the body and warmer in the heart! Liu Zhanhua said.

The harder it is, the more it moves forward

Just like the warm New Years Overture, I look back on the extraordinary dream seeking journey of the past year, and also sound the rallying call of the Chinese people to continue to forge ahead in the New Year! Liu Jizhong, deputy commander in chief of the lunar exploration project and director of the lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center of the National Space Administration, said excitedly, in 2020, the task of lunar explorers is still arduous. We will continue to vigorously practice the spirit of lunar exploration and forge ahead to realize the dream of a powerful Aerospace country!

President Xi said the common wishes of Hong Kong compatriots. Gao Peixuan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference in the port area and vice chairman of the Chaozhou chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, listened to the new years greetings one by one, happy for the achievements of the country and moved by President Xis concern for Hong Kong. Hong Kongs compatriots are patriotic and believe that one country, two systems can work. Hong Kong will surely move towards a better future!

Three districts and three prefectures are the main battlefields of poverty alleviation. Yesterday, abuluoha village, the last administrative village without access road in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, was officially opened to traffic. Lin Shucheng, Secretary of the state committee of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, said that great historic changes are taking place in Daliang Mountain, which has been poor and backward for thousands of years, fully demonstrating the great superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. In the new year, we must resolutely win the tough battle to get rid of poverty in Liangshan and ensure that the task of getting rid of poverty and removing hat is completed as scheduled.