The first baby born after 20 in Beijing Maternity Hospital

 The first baby born after 20 in Beijing Maternity Hospital

On the evening of December 31, 2019, in the labor room of Beijing maternity hospital, Ms. Zhang used Yoga balls under the guidance of her doctor. Photo by Chen wanting, reporter of Beijing News

At 0:20 on January 1, 2020, Ms. Xun gave birth to the first post-20 baby in Beijing maternity hospital, with a safe mother and child. Photo by Chen wanting, reporter of Beijing News

Novice dad is so nervous that his legs are soft

I still have soft legs.

At 1:11 a.m., Mr. Yu sat alone on the stool at the door of the delivery room to congratulate his family. From time to time, he lamented how nervous the novice father was. At this time, its nearly an hour since his child little Pipi was born.

At 0:20 on January 1, 2020, Xiaopi made its first cry in the delivery room of Beijing maternity hospital. The 3.97kg baby boy is the first post-20 baby born in Beijing maternity hospital. Because he is mischievous in his mothers stomach and likes to kick his mothers stomach at night, he got the name. Its hard to be born. I didnt expect him to be so fat. Ms. Xuns forehead and hair are still wet. She is a little surprised when she talks about her childs weight.

The couple thought, the child should also be more than 6 Jin, the mother didnt grow meat, all grew children. In Mr. Yus eyes, Jiao didi and love Jiao lovers have experienced pain alone, sat on the yoga ball to adjust the birth position, waiting for more than 10 hours, great, very hard. Mr. Yu, who has passed his fortitude, holds his wifes hand all the way, saying that this is his best gift for the new year.

The childs grandmother lingered outside the iron gate, and didnt find out the gender, and didnt affect calling to report, everyone is waiting.

When Ms. Xun gave birth, Zang in the other room was still waiting for her birth, and she was a little tired when the gate of the palace opened to the eighth finger.

In the early morning of January 1, 2020, in the delivery room of Beijing maternity hospital, Zangs husband joked and distracted her in order to relieve her anxiety about childbirth. Photo by Chen wanting, reporter of Beijing News

Mothers own birth examination

According to the expected date of delivery, Ms. Zangs child should be born on December 20, 2019. However, after being admitted to the hospital on December 26, there was no activity for several days. She felt very anxious to see the woman who had just given birth back to the ward. Theres a joke on the Internet. The post-80s look like the post-80s look at the post-40s. She joked that she didnt want her children to look at themselves like Grandmas generation. Husband Mr. Wen thinks, as 20 hind also good, a say is like 10 years younger.

In the early morning of January 1, Zang was sent to the delivery room. She has a fever and the baby is too big to give birth. The doctor taught her how to use force in the contractions and urged, the child cant give you too many opportunities. She quickly responded, I try. At about 3 oclock, the late daughter was finally born safely.

You are wonderful, my daughter-in-law. Mr. Wen, standing by, praised his wife. For work reasons, Mr. Wen stays in Shanghai, while Ms. Zang stays in Beijing and only gets together for about a week in a month. She loves her mother-in-law, who is nearly 60 years old. She often goes to the birth examination alone, much more independent than the only daughter in everyones impression.

The couple havent decided whether to settle down in Shanghai or Beijing in the future, but they both hope to give their children a better development environment. Ms. Zang hoped that her daughter could contact more than herself. Beijings environment (resources) is better. I didnt read or learn much in those days. When it comes to household registration, school and other practical factors, we have to consider them comprehensively.

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