Russian and white presidents discuss deepening the integration of the two countries

 Russian and white presidents discuss deepening the integration of the two countries

According to Russian media reports, the presidents, prime ministers and ministers of Russia and Belarus held about two hours of consultations on the same day, after which Putin and Lukashenko held separate talks for five and a half hours. After the meeting, both sides did not disclose the specific results of the consultation. The two sides agreed that the president of Russia and Belarus will continue to discuss the integration of Russia and Belarus in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the 20th of this month.

According to the news released on the Russian Presidents website on December 7, Putin said before his separate talks with Lukashenko that December 8 this year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the state Treaty on the establishment of the Russian White Union (hereinafter referred to as the treaty) between Russia and Belarus. In recent days, the prime ministers and government ministers of Russia and Belarus have discussed the work completed under the framework of the treaty and the unresolved problems, and have analyzed Russia as the situation changes The urgent problems in the relations between Belarus and other countries in Eurasia. He hoped that the talks would help to enhance exchanges between Russia and Belarus in various fields and make both sides feel the advantages brought by the integration of Russia and Belarus.

Before the separate talks with Putin, Lukashenko said that since the signing of the treaty, the two countries have completed a lot of integration work, but there are still many problems to be solved. For this reason, the delegations of the two governments continue to coordinate and formulate integration promotion plans. During the talks, the two sides need to focus on analyzing how to give equal development conditions to the two peoples and enterprises while implementing the treaty.

On December 8, 1999, Russia and Belarus signed the Treaty on the establishment of the state of the Russian White alliance, which stipulates that the two countries, while maintaining their national sovereignty, independence and national system, should establish a state of the nature of Confederation.

In July this year, Putin said at the sixth Russia Belarus local forum held in St. Petersburg that Belarus is Russias closest strategic partner. The two sides have cooperated in security, military, national defense, economy and other aspects, and Russia Belarus economy and trade have maintained stable growth. Lukashenko said that the two countries have reached consensus on 80-90% of the integration plan. But he expressed dissatisfaction that the disputes in bilateral relations had not been resolved within the time limit. Lukashenko suggested that an integrated strategic action plan should be formulated by December 8 this year and existing disputes should be resolved at the same time.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhuanet: Wang Xuyu b12062