KCNA: conducted extremely significant test at Xihai satellite launch site

 KCNA: conducted extremely significant test at Xihai satellite launch site

The spokesman pointed out that the significant test results will play a significant role in changing the strategic position of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea again in the near future.

Satellite images received by planet labs, a US satellite imaging start-up, on Thursday showed new activity at the sohae rocket launch site in dongcangli, and a large shipping container appeared at the bases engine test stand, Singapore Morning Post reported Tuesday. U.S. President trump said North Korea had demolished the West Sea launch site after the Singapore meeting.

Previously, Li Taicheng, deputy foreign minister in charge of us affairs, said Wednesday that the deadline for the end of the year proposed by the DPRK to the United States is coming. In order to avoid the damage to the major measures taken by the DPRK, the DPRK has been patient to the greatest extent and has made every effort. Now it is only for the United States to make choices and decisions.

North Koreas top leader, Kim Jong Un, proposed in April that the DPRK would wait for the us to make a decision by the end of this year and ask the us to come up with a new and constructive plan in line with the interests of both sides.

North Korea has launched several UFOs in recent years. It is widely interpreted that the DPRK is showing its patience for the stagnant negotiations between the DPRK and the US.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Xufu b12062