The United States and Iran exchange prisoners. Trump thanks Iran

 The United States and Iran exchange prisoners. Trump thanks Iran

On the same day, trump forwarded a tweet from the associated press about the release of prisoners by the United States and Iraq, and wrote that (he) was arrested during the Obama administration (despite $150 billion in gifts), and returned during the trump administration. Thank Iran for a very fair negotiation. Look, we can reach an agreement together

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The White House also made a statement earlier in the day, the Capitol Hill newspaper reported. In the statement, trump expressed his gratitude to Switzerland for its assistance in the negotiations with Iran.

Wang Xiyue will return to the United States after being held in Iran for more than three years. We thank our Swiss partners for helping us negotiate with Iran to release Mr. Wang, trump said The highest priority for the United States is the safety and well-being of its citizens, he said. The release of imprisoned Americans is crucial for my government, and we will continue to work to bring back all American citizens who are wrongly detained abroad.

Iranian foreign minister Zarif also spoke on the same day. Its gratifying that Professor soremani and Wang Xiyue are about to be reunited with their families, he tweeted He also thanked the parties involved in the prisoner exchange program, in particular the Swiss government, for their help.

Wang Xiyue was arrested in Iran in 2016 and charged with espionage and sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017. American officials denied that he was a spy. For many years, the United States has pushed Wang Xiyue, a Princeton scholar, to be released by Iran, the Capitol Hill newspaper said.

Dr. Masoud soleimani, a 49 year old Iranian stem cell scientist, left Iran for the United States on leave in 2018, but was arrested after arriving in Chicago and transferred to a prison in Atlanta, Georgia, for unknown reasons.

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