Three flares were found in Okinawa in two days to protest against the US military

 Three flares were found in Okinawa in two days to protest against the US military

Jinwu Town, a resident 5, witnessed an object from the air fell to farmland, and then the police. Ishikawa police station in Okinawa said the fallen object was cylindrical, about 10 cm long and 5 cm in diameter, connected to a small parachute, weighing about 250 grams.

Ishikawa police suspected that flares were fired from the U.S. Hansen camp near farmland.

A number of staff from jinwuding Yiyun District Civil Affairs Office inspected the site of the shell falling on June 6, and found two objects similar to the shell of the illumination bomb near the farmland, which fell on the roadside branches and the farmland protective fence respectively. Powder scattered on the road, suspected of residual gunpowder.

The U.S. Marine Corps in Japan confirmed in an interview with reporters on the 6th that three flares were used by the U.S. military for training. The US military has suspended training requiring flares to investigate the cause.

No injuries have been reported. We are protesting strictly, Yucheng Danny, a governor of Okinawa County, told reporters Friday. This should never happen. We should train and go to places that do not harm people or private land.

American troops in Japan often fall objects in Okinawa. In December 2017, the U.S. ch-53e large transport helicopter dropped parts twice, hitting the nursery and primary school playground respectively, fortunately, no casualties. Liu Xiuling, Xinhua News Agency

Source: editor in charge of Xinhuanet: Wang Xuyu b12062