Russia and Turkey are negotiating to sign a new S-400 contract

 Russia and Turkey are negotiating to sign a new S-400 contract

Interfax news agency reported Friday that Dmitry shugayev, director of the Russian Federations Military Technical Cooperation Bureau, was in talks on the delivery of a new batch of S-400 products. It is important that the two sides intend to deepen cooperation in this field..

Shugayev said that Turkey and Russia have a great possibility of signing a new batch of S-400 contracts next year.

A member of Turkeys presidential security and foreign policy committee predicted on Tuesday that Turkey would not be too late to sign a new contract with Russia to buy the S-400.

Reuters reported that the signing of the contract between Russia and Turkey may further worsen Turkeys relations with the United States.

Turkey signed an agreement with Russia in 2017 to purchase 4 sets of S-400 system. The United States believes that this Russian system cannot be compatible with the NATO weapon system, and Turkeys installation of the system may help Russia locate and track the F-35 stealth fighters of the United States and its allies in the future. Therefore, the US asked Turkey to give up the purchase of S-400, prohibit the sale of F-35 fighters to Turkey, suspend the participation of Turkey in the R & D and production projects of F-35 and threaten to sanction Turkey. Turkey received the first batch of S-400 system equipment in July, but the US side has not implemented the sanctions program for the time being. (Bao Xuelin) [Xinhua News Agency micro feature

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