Japans huge purchase of unsinkable aircraft carrier for shipboard aircraft training in the future

 Japans huge purchase of unsinkable aircraft carrier for shipboard aircraft training in the future

Map of the whole island of Mamo released by Japanese media

According to the United States and Japan, the establishment of carrier based aircraft take-off and landing training ground in mamao island is to reduce the noise nuisance caused by simulated take-off and landing training at houmu base in Kanagawa county. Japans civil protests are indeed a driving factor, but the United States and Japan spend a lot of money, not just to build a carrier based aircraft training ground here. According to the data, the area of mamao island is 8 square kilometers. After the completion of the base, it will surpass the 2 square kilometers of thick wood training ground and the 5 square kilometers of Yanguo training ground, and the scale will certainly surpass all the previous shipborne aircraft training bases. Such a large base is bound to give full play to its role.

In fact, the construction of ground simulation takeoff and landing training (fclp) facilities requires the deployment of specialized communication and navigation equipment, and will certainly deploy radar and even air defense systems. In addition, the U.S. side usually has helicopter support for simulated take-off and landing training of carrier aircraft. A certain number of military helicopters are bound to be deployed here.

Zhang junshe, a researcher at the Naval Research Institute, said in an interview with the global times on the 4th that, according to the public reports, mamao island will not only be used as a training base for the carrier based aircraft of the US Navy, but also for other US warplanes, including the training of Osprey tilt rotor aircraft at the current US base in Okinawa. The large area of mamou Island means that the base will be fully functional and capable of stationing more US troops. It will not only become an unsinkable aircraft carrier reported by the media, but also become a fully functional military base. Its geographical location is very close to the Korean Peninsula, so once there is a war in the region in the future, the U.S. warplanes can quickly take off from the base to fight.

Some experts believe that Japans maritime self defense force can also make full use of the facilities on mamou island to train its own F-35B carrier aircraft joint force. This year, the Japanese government confirmed that it would purchase some F-35B short takeoff / vertical landing fighters to equip the modified cloud class quasi aircraft carrier. In the future, when the relevant equipment is in place, it is not ruled out that the Japanese side can train their own carrier based airmen with the help of the US Army with the help of the carrier based aircraft training facilities on Mamu island.

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