Japans huge purchase of the island and deployment of fighters can take off quickly to track the warships in the dayau Strait

 Japans huge purchase of the island and deployment of fighters can take off quickly to track the warships in the dayau Strait

Mamo Island

Mamu island is an island in the dayau islands, close to the dayau Strait. The Dayu Strait is a waterway connecting the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea. It is an important sea route between the ports along the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the east coast of Japan.

In recent years, the Chinese navy has repeatedly crossed the first island chain through the Strait and entered the Pacific Ocean for training. On the 28th of last month, Japans Ministry of defense, together with the Ministry of staff and supervision, announced that on the morning of the 27th, the anti submarine aircraft of Japans Maritime Self Defense Force found Chinese naval ship formation about 100 kilometers west of Kobayashi nagoyama Island (Kagoshima county). According to the Ministry of integrated staff and supervision, these Chinese naval vessels enter the Pacific Ocean through the dayau Strait.

An anonymous military expert told the global times that mamou island is located around the Dayu Strait. Although the Strait is completely within the monitoring range of Japanese shore based aviation forces, the radar facilities deployed from mamou island can monitor the Dayu Strait more directly. In addition, once the United States and Japan deploy helicopters in mamou Island, these helicopters can take off and track through the Dayu Strait quickly The fleet of other countries makes it more convenient for the United States and Japan to monitor the dayau Strait.

For a long time, Japans close tracking, surveillance and interference with Chinese ships and aircraft has been an important source of maritime and air safety problems between China and Japan. Chinas Ministry of defense has repeatedly demanded that Japan stop all acts that interfere with Chinas normal military activities and ensure that similar incidents do not occur again, otherwise all consequences arising therefrom will be borne by Japan. The above-mentioned Chinese experts believe that this trend may be further intensified after the mamao Island military facilities are put into use.

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