China will not be invited to Indias joint naval performance next year

 China will not be invited to Indias joint naval performance next year

According to reports, the Indian military has sent invitations to 41 countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Singapore, and intends to build Milan 2020 into the largest maritime joint military exercise since Indias independence. Indias navy commander, kalanbil Singh, said at a press conference Wednesday that only countries with similar aspirations and better connectivity would be invited by the Indian side, the economic times said. A media reporter asked whether India and China would hold joint performances at sea since the leaders of China and India decided to cooperate in various fields after the second informal meeting? Singh did not respond directly, saying only that this is beyond my scope of concern..

India today quoted anonymous senior officials of the Indian Navy as saying, we dont want the existence of the Chinese Navy near Indian waters to have any legitimacy, so we refused to include China in the Milan maritime joint military exercise.

December 4 is Indian Navy day. To show his achievements, kalanbill Singh also revealed at a press conference on the 3rd that the Indian Navy identified and drove away a Chinese vessel in the waters near Andaman Nicobar Islands in September this year. Our position is that if you do anything in our exclusive economic zone, you have to inform us first, he said. The exclusive economic zone is an international water area, but if we find Chinese ships engaged in activities we think are military operations, we will drive them away, the times of India quoted a senior Indian official as saying Thursday India today said that the Andaman Nicobar Islands is a traditional strategic island of India, where the Indian Navy has been paying close attention to and vigilant against all Chinese ships passing by. Singh said that Chinas influence in the Indian Ocean region has been increasing since 2008. For a long time, in the name of scientific research or anti piracy, China has maintained the power of seven or eight ships in the region.

Qian Feng told the global times on Thursday that the above words and deeds highlighted the rigid thinking of some people in the Indian military and their wariness towards China. The Indian Ocean is not Indian, and their actions will not prevent Chinas legitimate activities in the Indian Ocean, nor inject positive energy into the development of China India relations.

The economic times also pointed out on March 3 that, unlike at sea, the Indian army and Chinese partners will hold another hand in hand joint exercise this month. Indias defense minister, rajnat Singh, downplayed that India and China have different perceptions on the border issue, but the Indian army is highly vigilant and the border security is guaranteed.

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