He ChaoLian worries that Dou Xiao, her boyfriend, is in danger of work. Her parents dont urge her to marry

 He ChaoLian worries that Dou Xiao, her boyfriend, is in danger of work. Her parents dont urge her to marry

In terms of Christmas gifts, he ChaoLian confessed that she didnt make a decision. She joked that she didnt even prepare the birthday gift of gambling kings father. She said: he promised to knit a woolen hat to Dad, but he asked for a hole in the top hat, otherwise it would be too cramped, but its very difficult for me to be a novice, and Ive dismantled it twice to reweave it. As for whether her parents urged her to marry, he ChaoLian said that she did not. She was not in a hurry about life events, so let it be. She had planned to marry after she was 30 years old. Now she is only 28 years old. If she wants to work harder in her career, it will be difficult to focus on her work if she has a family after marriage.

Chen Hao shaves his beard, but his daughter doesnt recognize it

When it comes to Gao Yixiangs sudden death in the reality show, he ChaoLian said that he and his boyfriend should not work too hard when talking about work, saying: Im quite worried. He was told to try to rest. Overwork is quite dangerous. After all, health is the most important thing. He ChaoLian said that her boyfriend had been bitten by a poisonous insect because of his work. Unfortunately, the toxin spread to her leg and fainted for a day. Now she still needs treatment and is recovering.

Chen Hao, who has bleached his white beard, said he would like to have fun and change his image. He joked that if he wants to shave one day, he might as well play Santa Claus with the Christmas atmosphere. Asked if the child would not recognize him, Chen Hao said: no, my daughter has had a beard since she was born. Once she did not recognize her daughter after shaving. She ignored me for a time because she thought I was not a father. As for his wife, Chen Yingu, whether she likes the new model or not, Chen Hao laughs and points out that she is not satisfied with it, and even asks him to shave it earlier, but he wants to stay a little longer. During the Christmas holiday, Chen Hao revealed that his family would come to Canada for a white Christmas. Unfortunately, they could not stay for long after work.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Han Chong, nbj11345