NATO put space into the field of operations, Putin: against space militarization

 NATO put space into the field of operations, Putin: against space militarization

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Russia has always opposed and will continue to oppose the militarization of space, Putin said at a government meeting on military policy Thursday, rt said But he expressed concern that the worlds major powers had improved their space system capabilities, which could be used for both military and civil purposes.

RT quoted Putin as saying: the political and military leadership of the United States openly believes that space is a battlefield. The development of the situation requires us to pay more attention to strengthening our orbit group and our rocket and aerospace industry.

According to RT, Russias orbit group consists of more than 150 satellites, two-thirds of which are used for military purposes. Most of them are part of the military satellite communication system, but Russia also has satellites to monitor the launch of ICBMs and short-range tactical missiles. Mr Putin said the system had been significantly upgraded in recent years and had been successfully tested in a large-scale military exercise in October.

RT mentioned that Putins comments came at a time when NATO finally made space its official combat area. At the summit on the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO held in London on Thursday local time, NATO members announced that space is the fifth field of operations and pledged to ensure the security of telecommunications infrastructure including 5g.

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