2 goals a day! Whats Mourinhos best defense when he gets hit by Manchester United?

 2 goals a day! Whats Mourinhos best defense when he gets hit by Manchester United?

Mourinho knew that his return to Old Trafford must be the focus, so he tried to keep a calm look on his face throughout the game, not to give the media a chance to interpret the expression. Even if Tottenham are behind, Mourinho seems calm, not worried, as if he had expected the result of the loss.

The loss of Tottenham was due to the problem of defense again, which had something to do with Mourinhos arrangement. In order to play attacking football, Mourinho requires right back Olivier to have a large range of assists. There is a large gap behind Olivier. Today, Manchester United choose the side of Olivier as the main attack direction to let Rushford attack Olivier.

Its true that Tottenhams sixth minute loss of the ball has a lot to do with the goalkeepers position error, but Manchester United got the chance just from the side of Olivier. The gap on this side allowed Rushford to get the chance of no defense, so that Rushford could easily adjust his swing shot. In the first half, Manchester Uniteds attack on Oliviers side was very strong. Rushford and lingarde often got good shooting opportunities. Rushford also had a far shot in the first half, and the crossbeam was also attacked on this side.

In the second half, Mourinho didnt adjust the layout of the defense on olliyers side. As a result, at the beginning of the game, there was a problem with the defense on this side. Rushford broke through olliyers personal ability and then broke into the forbidden area. Sissoko, the defensive back, kicked down Rushford from behind to get a penalty. Rushford scored the penalty. Manchester United also won the final victory with this goal Profit.

Even when Uniteds final full line retreat was to defend and hold the victory, they made two very threatening counter attacks on the side of Olivier: Fred and Luke Shaw almost made two single shot chances after passing the ball from this side (one was more than one time Rushford didnt stop the ball for the first time). Solskjaer beat the attacking Mourinho in the way of Mourinho. In the next game, Mourinho needs to consider the balance of attack and defense.

Tottenhams attack didnt work. The goal was a world wave of Alis personal ability. He didnt play effective organization and cooperation. There were only eight shots in the whole game. United used the active running and many peoples encirclement to resolve Tottenhams attack. Tottenham didnt have their first shot in the game until the 39th minute, which shows how bad Tottenhams attack was.

Mourinho can win 3 consecutive games in charge of Tottenham, which is closely related to the weakness of the opponents strength. Facing the powerful united in this game, there are huge problems in attack and defense. Mourinho wants to get his name right at Tottenham and lead Tottenham to win the title, which seems to be a long way to go.

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