Beijing media: Chen Xuyuans squad selection team

 Beijing media: Chen Xuyuans squad selection team

From the current voice of public opinion and other signs, it seems that the balance of the national football team is inclined to the direction of the local manager. At the same time, Li Tie, who leads the national football selection team in Shanghai to prepare for the East Asia Cup, and Li Xiaopeng, who leads Luneng to participate in the second round of the FA Cup final, are hot candidates.

Football Association camp

Express support for Li Tie

Let people have more associations

What kind of coach will China Football Association choose to take over the authentic national football for the second half of the Asian top 40 competition in Qatar world preliminary? The answer to this question may not be made public in the near future. But as for the selection, neither the sports management department nor the Chinese Football Association can have no idea at this moment.

After last years World Cup in Russia, it was rumored that the relevant departments had considered using local coaches to lead the team in the process of launching the national football training team. Although it was Shen Xiangfu who finally played the role, in fact, Li Xiaopeng, as a leader of local young coaches, had also been associated with the selection team. After Lippi resigned on November 14, the name of Li Xiaopeng was mentioned again. Of course, Li Xiaopeng is not the only name mentioned. Its rumoured that Li Tie has become one of the most popular candidates for the new coach of the national football team. Its certainly not groundless.

But can the two men who have never led the national team to participate in the competition control a national team bearing the heavy responsibility of the world cup? Therefore, the outside world for the national football team to recruit foreign coachs voice is also not low. Scolari, olaroyo (Suning), Pereira (Shanggang) and stoikovic (Fuli) became the target of imagination or speculation.

It is understood that Scolari visited Beijing briefly in late November. However, during this period, he did not meet with the Chinese Football Association, but had some exchanges with other friends in the football industry, and he himself preferred to coach Chinas top clubs such as Zhonghe Guoan. However, with Frenchman geno leading the team to a full win in the last three rounds of the Chinese Super League this season and helping national security to lock in a ticket for the new seasons Champions League, the possibility of Scolaris replacement is becoming less and less.

So will Scolari take over the national football? It is understood that at present Brazilians are taking a vacation in their hometown in Brazil and have not received any invitation from China. As for Pereira, if family reasons can be overcome, the Portuguese are also likely to stay in Hong Kong. From the statement after the end of the Chinese Super League, Pereira seems to have no intention of taking over the national team.

Although the national football team didnt start the second half of the top 40 until March 26 next year, as the international players still need to participate in winter training with the club after the East Asia Cup, the national team needs to make clear the direction as soon as possible.

From the perspective of Chen Xuyuan, chairman of China Football Association, visiting the national selection team on April 4, CFA expressed its support for this team, including Li Tie. It can be said that the East Asia Cup is not only the preliminary examination room for Li Ties small test of NiuDao in the position of national football coach, but also the stage for him to show his ability to the decision-makers of national football coach selection. If Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng are outstanding on their respective coaching stage, then maybe its natural for Tu Shuai to take over the official national football official and lead the team to the top 40.

Li Ties voice

Lippi is past time

Now with the national team

The National Mens football selection team held the first training course of the second training session in Shanghai Century Park stadium yesterday. Before the start of training, manager Li tie was interviewed by the media.

Talking about the influence of Lippis resignation on the team, Li Tie said: its over. Now this team is the national team. We are going to play an A-level game on behalf of China. I am very proud to be the head coach of this team, which is also a very important dream in my life. Im very happy. I also told the players that they should cherish the opportunity to work for the country.

Li tiexiao replied: you think too much. Now we are going to play the East Asia Cup well. These are the only people who can come. Im sure they want to play for the national team Li Ties answer sounds understated on the surface, but actually reveals two meanings: first, Lippi is past for the national football team, second, the selection team led by him is the national team, which means that Li Tie is the coach of the national team at this moment, and such statement is heard by some reporters on the scene, more like a kind of declaration that Li Tie competes for the official position of the national football team.

The reason why fatigue is not preparation for war

The national team should go all out

As of the evening of March 3, among the 28 players selected for the new national football selection team, except Luneng and Shenhua, the other 24 arrived at the teams hotel. In addition, because Luneng goalkeeper Wang Dalei will go abroad for treatment after the final of the Football Association Cup, Zou Dehai, a goalkeeper from Zhonghe Guoan, was temporarily transferred to the team, and he participated in the 4-day training. In this way, a total of 25 people participated in the teams first practice in Shanghai.

As for the selection of the national football selection team, Li Tie said: we have added some players in this period. Many people are taking part in the teams training for the first time. For a few days, the players are very hard. They have experienced the longest season, and then they come here immediately. It will take nearly 20 days to rest. Thank them very much. I saw the players yesterday and thank them very much. The plan for these days is to train in Shanghai for four days from the 4th to the 7th, and go to Korea in the morning on the 8th to practice for one day and compete on the 10th. At this time, there is no more time to prepare, because we are going to fight.

Its not too much to describe the national football selection team in Shanghai with fatigue. Li Tie, who is also the second duty member of Wuhan Zhuoer team and national football selection team, has a deep understanding of this, but he wont take this factor as the reason for his slack preparation. He said: at this time there is no physical reserve. This time is the most tiring stage for all of us. The same is true for Japan and South Korea. What we are competing for is willpower. Li Tie also stressed that the will and quality of the whole team, especially the majority of the players, are trustworthy. He explained: I am sure that each of them wants to play for the national team very much, and I have called each of them. Its the same with Japan. We will play as an important league

As for the goal of the whole team in this East Asia Cup, Li Tie said: thank you (China Football Association) chairman Chen (Xu Yuan) for your trust and support. They didnt ask for anything. Instead, they kept reducing pressure for the team, but they made high demands in other aspects. I always think that there is no small game for the national team, and every game of the national team must go all out.