Mourinho: Manchester United are finally willing to put on the bus and they deserve three points

 Mourinho: Manchester United are finally willing to put on the bus and they deserve three points

Manchester United have had a good season against the top teams, you can see their performances against Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester City. Its easier for them to play this way, theyre not afraid to play defensively anymore Mourinho said. When he was in charge of Manchester United, Mourinho had been criticized by the outside world for many times. He was helpless for this.

In Mourinhos view, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is playing defensive football today. In the face of a better team, its easier for Manchester United to play and the opponents want more control over the ball. In todays game, United have only 46% possession at home, while Tottenham have 54%. However, United shot 12 times, while Tottenham shot eight.

When you win, you are always happy, said the Norwegian. Our boys have been learning and improving. Tonight, we have been very good for a long time. The last two games have taught us a lesson and today we are back in a stronger position. We are rebuilding, we have made the decisions we have to make, we are trying to make this team better.

As long as Im on any day, I cant just look at the immediate short-term benefits. When we turn the situation around and win 3-4 games in a row, they will feel that Manchester United have really recovered Before, when United were in the middle of the table, manager SOHO insisted that the table was not very meaningful because the difference between the teams was very small. Sure enough, after winning Tottenham today, Manchester United rose to sixth place.

The daily mirror points out that after Rushford scored his first goal, Manchester United fans at home chanted the name of the manager to Mourinho, in this way to express their support for the current manager. Yesterday, Mourinho said: I am not a villain or an enemy, but I am a manager eager to beat Manchester United. In my opinion, they will not support me. They will support Solskjaer

The loss to Manchester United ended Mourinhos three consecutive wins at Tottenham, and the madman said: I have nothing to say, we can only blame ourselves. I know what we should do, I told the players. But at the beginning of the second half we conceded the second goal. Manchester United should be happy with the result, they deserve three points

Objectively speaking, Tottenham are better than Manchester United before this game. The outside world is more optimistic that Mourinho can take three points from the dream theater, but Manchester United have taught Tottenham a lesson. In this regard, Tottenham core Ali said the team mainly lost in the arrogance. Maybe we are a bit arrogant and conceited, we have been playing very well recently. In this kind of game, you want to maintain confidence and arrogance, but you have to use it correctly. We were so hasty that we were punished.

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