Robbing the rich and helping the poor! Manchester United are not afraid to remain unbeaten against Big6 this season

 Robbing the rich and helping the poor! Manchester United are not afraid to remain unbeaten against Big6 this season

At present, there are six big clubs in the Premier League, namely Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham. They are also regarded as the top four hot teams. This season, Manchester Uniteds results are not satisfactory. In the first 15 Premier League games, 5 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, with 21 points, they are temporarily ranked sixth in the Premier League. However, in the face of the Premier League big 6 opponents of the strong dialogue, Manchester United have remained unbeaten.

In the first round of this seasons Premier League, Manchester United won 4-0 at home to Chelsea, then Manchester United drew 1-1 with Arsenal, 1-1 with Liverpool, and 2-1 with Tottenham in this game. In the civil war of Big6 in the Premier League, Manchester United achieved 2-2 with the result of 2-2. But in the Premier League big 6, this season Manchester United only has not yet met is the Derby opponent Manchester City. Manchester United will challenge Manchester City away this weekend. Although the gap between the two teams is up to 11 points at present, considering the strong characteristics of Manchester United, Manchester City must not underestimate the enemy.

In addition to the good results against Big6, Manchester United are doing well against teams that are currently ranked higher in the table. For example, Leicester City, ranked second in the Premier League, lost 1-0 to Manchester United, while wolves, ranked fifth, drew 1-1 with Manchester United.

In contrast, Manchester United have been repeatedly criticized for their theoretically weak opponents. The four opponents they lost this season were Crystal Palace (No. 7 in the table), Bournemouth (No. 12), West Ham (No. 13) and Newcastle (No. 14). In the face of the strong enemy, it shows that the strength of this United can not be underestimated, but many times in the weak team lost points, but exposed the young United State unstable ups and downs too big problem.

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