Easy moment voice version: female college students live in the fun room, the result

 Easy moment voice version: female college students live in the fun room, the result

Do you have a habit that you cant give up completely, and you will follow it all your life? The good and the bad are all right. Share them~

When you were a child, were you often mixed doubles by your parents? Whats the reason for the worst fight?

Wechat netizen: yoghurt ballad said:

When I was a child, my family asked me to buy glutinous rice noodles. On the way back, I somehow got a hole in my pocket and missed a lot of glutinous rice noodles. I was afraid that I would be beaten back, so I found some lime powder and put it in. Now I still remember my fathers words about my mother: is my wife tired? If youre tired, take a rest. Ill fight instead!

Wechat netizen: Im a green onion said:

When I was a child, I was a stubborn kind of child. When my mother hit me, I never ran, so I stood there and let her fight. Every time my mother beat me, she scolded me for being stupid. Later, she taught me: hit you again and run away. Look at your brother. Before your hands are lifted up, people scurry away. The more you dont run, the more angry I get, the more angry I start. Later, I did something wrong for fear that she would fight, so I didnt go home to hide. Every time I ran away from home, I was caught in less than two hours, but I was beaten even harder. Women are really fickle, there is no truth!

Common sense of life: if my girlfriend says to you: you play games, I can watch TV alone. This must be a trap sentence. If it is true, it will not emphasize I am alone.

Wechat netizen: little bear hides in winter wants to order a song:

Hello, Dabo! I know my best friend of nearly six years on her 4th Birthday on December. Because she likes yishuqian seal very much, I want to order her a wonderful yishuqian seal just at the beginning. We were strangers from the beginning to inseparable from the later. Although we are not in a school now, we still send messages every day. When we brush the trembling sound, we will immediately send out our girlfriend when we see her. Next year, I will be able to go to a school with you again. We can stick together again. Here I would like to wish her a happy birthday. I wish Mr. Dabo good health and more hair!

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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