Uniteds No. 10 double + one dragon point! Mourinho: hes too dangerous

 Uniteds No. 10 double + one dragon point! Mourinho: hes too dangerous

In the sixth minute, lingards left breakthrough was damaged by Tottenhams right central defender Sanchez. There was no defense in the left rib of Rushfords restricted area. After he adjusted the left rib 14 yards, he shot hard with his right foot, and the ball flew into the lower left corner. In this goal, Tottenham goalkeeper garzaniga failed to block the near corner, but lashfords shooting quality is indeed high, the ball is powerful, there is a rebound in front of the goalkeeper, without which garzaniga may be able to jump.

In Manchester Uniteds 1-0 lead, Rushford had the chance to expand the score to 2-0: in the 25th minute, lingard passed the ball, Rushford made a big long-range shot at 25 yards, gazaniga threw the ball and hit it on the crossbeam.

However, after the 1-1 draw with Tottenham, Rushford scored twice: in the 47th minute, Rushford broke through Olivier on the left side and was kicked down by Sissoko in the forbidden area. The referee ordered a penalty. Rushfords main penalty deceived the goalkeeper and sent in. Manchester United took the lead 2-1.

With the outstanding performance of Rushford, Manchester United won the key game, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the whole team can now breathe. Rushford proved once again that he is a big man. He can score at least two goals against the other five Big6 giants in the Premier League: five against Chelsea, three against Liverpool, two against Arsenal, two against Manchester City and three against Tottenham. This season, Rushford has scored in the Premier League Big6 match: Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea scored two goals, Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal assisted once, Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool scored one goal, Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea scored two goals in the Carling Cup, and today, Tottenham scored two goals.

Rushford often has outstanding performance when playing with strong teams, because he can often get a large space of activity and give full play to his own speed advantage in the competition with strong teams. In this game, he has repeatedly used his speed to successfully attack the defense line of Tottenham, and the penalty created is obtained by speed sprint. Secondly, Rushford always seems confident when playing in a strong team. In the second half of the game, when he was 1-2 in the forbidden area, Rushford even used the bulls tail to surpass others, even though he failed to succeed.

Mourinho also praised Rushfords performance after the game: he was very dangerous on the left, I know this, and told the players in advance, the first goal is a typical Rushford style goal.

After this game, Rushford has scored nine Premier League goals. His single season Premier League goal record is 10 goals. If he scores another goal, he can catch up. He has a good chance this weekend. This weekend Manchester United will welcome Manchester derby, Rushford will certainly get more space to sprint, and Manchester Citys recent defense is not so good, especially the position of the central defender can not be assured, so this weekend Rushford is very hopeful to continue to make achievements.

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