B fee 89 minutes free kick break 94 minutes feed cake single knife Mourinho heart pain!

 B fee 89 minutes free kick break 94 minutes feed cake single knife Mourinho heart pain!

In the second round of the group match, Portugal sports away game against gibesent. The game was in a stalemate until Bruno Fernandez came forward in the 89th minute. On the left side of the arc of the penalty area, Bruno Fernandez shot a free kick from his right foot. The ball flew over the wall to the top left corner of the goal. Although the goalkeeper of the visiting team touched the ball with his fingertips, the ball still flew into the net.

In the 92nd minute, Portuguese sports left back agunia was sent off because of disrespect for the referee. With less to play more, Bruno Fernandez created another goal to lock in the win. In 94 minutes, Bruno Fernandez hit back from the cross on the right side and scored easily with a single knife in the middle of ETO, finally Portugal sports won 2-0.

Not long ago, Bruno Fernandez renewed his contract with Portuguese sport, with a penalty of 100 million euros. However, due to the poor financial situation of Portugal sports, the team is willing to sell Bruno Fernandez for 60 million euros. Spurs have been linked with Bruno Fernandes for a while, but Mourinho has publicly denied that. In addition to Tottenham, fee B has also been linked with a number of Premier League giants including Manchester City. 60 million Euros can have such an all-around attacker. Mourinho is afraid that its not that he doesnt want it, but that Tottenham cant afford it.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473