Too little money from the old golden master! Inter want to change breast Evergrande or become its new sponsor

 Too little money from the old golden master! Inter want to change breast Evergrande or become its new sponsor

After Sunings acquisition of Inter, the old European giants have regained their vitality. The team has won the Champions League for two consecutive seasons. This season, after the first 14 rounds of the Serie A competition, Juventus, who have been fighting for eight consecutive titles, ranks first in Serie A. From the perspective of Sunings overall development plan for Inter, the prospect of the blue and black army is also promising.

At present, Pirelli is the sponsor of Inters chest advertisement. The two companies have cooperated since 1995, and the latest contract expires in the summer of 2021. Pirellis annual sponsorship fee to Inter is 19.1 million euros, which is somewhat low. Juventus in Serie A can get 42 million euros a year from jeep, a chest advertising sponsor.

Juves sponsorship fee is more than twice that of Inter, which is hard for Inter to accept. It should be noted that in the world football arena, Juves chest advertising sponsorship fee is not in the forefront. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Paris and Chelsea are all much higher than juven.

As the sponsorship fee of chest advertisement is too low, inter has also made plans to change sponsors. The blue black army will not sign a new sponsorship contract with Pirelli. In the summer of 2021, when the contract expires, Inters chest advertisement sponsors will change.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Chinas Evergrande group will replace Pirelli as Inters chest advertising sponsor. Previously, in September, Xu Jiayin was invited by Zhang Jindong to Milan to watch Inter Milans home match against Slavia Prague. At that time, the media predicted that Evergrande might cooperate with Inter. According to previous media reports, Evergrandes sponsorship of Inter Milan is to build its own auto brand, and the total amount of their sponsorship of Inter Milan will be up to 100 million euros, but the contract for several years is still unknown.

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