The fourth superstar in the world! Two passes and one shot in Manets half

 The fourth superstar in the world! Two passes and one shot in Manets half

Although the game is a derby, but Liverpools main attack in the Trident only MANET start, Sarah is absent due to injury, fermino is only a substitute. However, Manet alone made it difficult for Evertons back line to cope with. Only six minutes after the game started, Liverpool fought back quickly. MANET led the ball across the midfield on the left side and sent a precise straight plug. The football just bypassed the Everton defender and reached the foot of origi. Then origi swung the door and shot the empty goal.

In the 17th minute, Manet received Arnolds long backcourt pass on the left side, then cut the ball in and blocked it straight in the forbidden area, then his teammate shakri threw away the whole defense line of Everton and shot low at the goalkeeper. Manets two straight and precise assists helped Liverpool to take a 2-0 lead early on.

In the 45th minute, Liverpool launched a counterattack. MANET passed the ball to Arnold in the backcourt. Then Arnold drove the ball all the way to the front court and then crossed. MANET shot the dead corner of the goal with his left foot in the forbidden area. In the process of scoring, Manet rushed to the front of the penalty area after passing the ball in the backcourt. It was his positive attitude that gave him the chance to score this time.

However, in the second half, Manet missed twice the chance of a single shot and missed the hat trick. The 80th minute, Henderson backcourt long pass, Manet anti offside success after a single shot opportunity, but he in the restricted area against goalkeeper Pickford shot to hit. Manet was disappointed when he missed the chance, and many Liverpool fans in the stands also held their heads and sighed.

In the 84th minute, it was Hendersons direct pass to send a single shot, and it was Manets successful anti offside break into the forbidden area. But this time, Manet hesitated a little in the forbidden area. He didnt shoot in time after taking the ball over goalkeeper Pickford. Then Everton defender Holgate pushed MANET away with his body. Then Manets shot was blocked by Holgate.

However, in any case, the overall performance of Manets game is very good. After the game, whoscrored gave MANET the highest score of 9.3 points. In the 2019 golden ball awards, Manet ranked fourth. He did not attend the awards ceremony. Famous journalist Lassana camara said MANET was dissatisfied with his ranking of fourth. In the list of 10 African footballers for 2019 released by AFC this week, MANET is one of the top winners.

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