ESPN media voted MVP letter first, followed by Zhan Huangdong and Qi

 ESPN media voted MVP letter first, followed by Zhan Huangdong and Qi

At present, NBA regular season has been playing for a month and a half, which is equivalent to a quarter of the end of the regular season. At this time node, ESPN recently invited 101 media members to participate in an informal poll to investigate the MVP candidates with the highest voice.

The final result shows that the Bucks alpha brother (803 points) is at the top of the list, receiving 48 votes in the first place and the only player who has won all 101 votes. The Lakers LeBron (651), lone rangers dongqiqi (569) and Rockets Hadden (444) are second to fourth.

In addition, eight other players won the MVP vote, including bill of the wizards, Butler of the heat, Davis of the Lakers, Jokic of nuggets, Leonard of clippers, Lillard of the Blazers, sICAM of raptors and Downes of Timberwolves. Among them, sICAM (52 points), Leonard (49 points) and Davis (38 points) received more support.

It seems that alphabet brother is expected to continue MVP if his current performance continues. So far this season, he has averaged 30.8 points, 13.4 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 1.4 steals, 1.3 blocks. Among them, his score ranked second in the league, rebounds ranked fourth in the league.

LeBron, dongqiqi and harden, who are in the back, also have hopes of winning the prize. LeBron, who has won four MVPs before, continues to be strong, and the Lakers have a great record. Dongqiqi has made a sensation this season, becoming the rising star of the league. Hardon currently ranks first in the league with an average score of 39.5 points per game.