Jizhe was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. She was knocked down by illness in her prime of career

 Jizhe was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. She was knocked down by illness in her prime of career

Beijing time, December 5, Beijing Mens basketball player Ji zhe died of lung cancer, only 33 years old. Unfortunately, Ji zhe was diagnosed with lung cancer last year and failed to register in the CBA League due to illness.

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The news of Jizhes early death is surprising, but according to people familiar with the matter, Jizhes condition was diagnosed more than a year ago, when it was found to be advanced lung cancer. At this time, Ji Zhe is still the team leader of Beijing Mens basketball team, so he can only transfer the identity of the team leader to teammate Zhai Xiaochuan. In 2018-19 season, Beijing team did not register Jian for the league.

On the afternoon of September 7, 2018, Ji zhe updated his personal microblog and published a ticket. He said, Im sorry that I cant fight with you this season, brothers. he also revealed that his next trip is to go to the United States, looking forward to coming back and fighting together.

People familiar with the situation said that at this time, Gillian actually had complications and had to go to the United States for treatment. However, for various reasons, the club did not disclose his specific condition, so that the outside world has always believed that Ji zhe went to the United States just to treat sports related injuries.

In fact, until 2017-18 season, Ji zhe can still play CBA League for Beijing team normally. This year, although his league playing time was reduced to 13.9 minutes, he still played as many as 36 times and was one of the teams main rotation players. However, his sudden illness completely knocked him out, resulting in Ji Zhes failure to register with CBA for two consecutive seasons and his permanent death.

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