Men clean up their roadblocks and are smashed: if the rioters continue to destroy Hong Kong, there is no future

 Men clean up their roadblocks and are smashed: if the rioters continue to destroy Hong Kong, there is no future

Background information:

Police said a 53 year old local man went to the junction of Nathan Road and Mongkok road to clean up the barricades at about 1 a.m. during which he was attacked by a man wearing a light colored short sleeved jacket, black trousers and a black cap on the head with a hard object. The injured man was later found to have his mobile phone stolen. After preliminary investigation, the police listed the case as injury and theft, and handed it over to the drug investigation department for follow-up. No one was arrested temporarily. The 53 year old man suffered head injury and was sent to Guanghua hospital for treatment.

Mr. Liao: five months ago, I thought Hong Kong was very free. You can do anything. But now you will be beaten when you walk in the street. If you look at those thugs, they will beat you if they dont like you. If you talk, they will beat you if they dont like you. Even if you go to clean up the debris, they will beat you. In fact, is this real freedom?

Reporter: what did you think when you wanted to remove the barricade? Why move this barricade? There have been cases of 70 year old man killed by smashing before. Dont you worry about the danger?

Mr. Liao: actually, I didnt expect there would be any danger. Because I think its normal for me to do this. I didnt do anything wrong. Whats wrong is the people who attacked me, the thugs who blocked the road. In fact, they have hindered the whole society. If we dont make a sound all the time, they will feel that we all support them to do something. They will continue to destroy the society even more and the whole society will sink even more. So I think everyone should make a sound when they see it.

Reporter: in this video, you suddenly fall down after being hit. It seems that you wake up a few seconds later. Were you conscious? Do you know what happened?

Mr. Liao: actually, I dont know what happened. I didnt realize it at that time. What I remember is that I took out my mobile phone, and it was like a fragment. When I recovered consciousness, I saw a large group of people around me scolding. One of them was wearing a black mask and wanted to attack me with an umbrella.

Reporter: when I came to the hospital, what did the doctor say? How is the injury? What kind of treatment should we do now?

Mr. Liao: when I went to the hospital, the doctor gave me an X-ray. He said there was no crack in the skull. Later, he sewed 10 stitches for me, and then asked me to stay in the hospital for observation for one night. The next morning, it was OK to see me, so I was discharged from the hospital.

Reporter: what do you think of those who set up roadblocks? What do you want to say to them?

Mr. Liao: if you go on like this and destroy everything, then Hong Kong is a mess without the rule of law. Is this what you really want and want?

Reporter: what do you think of their demands? They say its for the future of Hong Kong, for the better tomorrow of Hong Kong. What do you think?

Mr. Liao: they often shout that there is no democracy in Hong Kong. In fact, I would like to ask where there is no democracy in Hong Kong? Hong Kong ranks third in terms of the degree of democracy and freedom in the world. Everything is free, welfare is good, and education is free for all. Whats wrong with that? If these things they do now can lead to a better democratic or free society in the future, in fact, I think they are fake. Because you have destroyed the present, where is the future?

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