President of Xinjiang Iraq Association: there is no stable life in Xinjiang without education and training center

 President of Xinjiang Iraq Association: there is no stable life in Xinjiang without education and training center

Recently, the New York Times and other Western media published the so-called exclusive reports in a row, attacking the Xinjiang Vocational and technical education and training center viciously, overthrowing the black and white and wantonly smearing it. On December 3, local time, the U.S. Congress passed the so-called 2019 Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act to punish Xinjiang with the so-called evidence of Xinjiangs re education camp, wantonly detaining Uyghur Muslims and human rights violations. This is a blatant and empty talk, which makes me see the double standards adopted by the western media and the United States on the issue of anti-terrorism and de radicalization, as well as their sinister intentions. In this regard, as a religious person born and raised in Xinjiang, I feel responsible and obliged to say what I have seen and heard in Xinjiang Vocational Skill Education and training center.

In the past period, extreme thoughts permeated and spread in Xinjiang, and violent terrorist activities occurred frequently, seriously harming the lives and property of people of all ethnic groups. At that time, Xinjiang, like New York in the United States after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, people lived in tension and fear every day. In the face of the strong call of all ethnic groups to fight against violent terrorist crimes, the Xinjiang government has not only severely cracked down on violent terrorist crimes according to law, but also set up vocational skill education and training centers according to law, so as to save the personnel infected by religious extremist ideas, with minor criminal acts or illegal acts to the greatest extent, and to protect the basic human rights of citizens from terrorism and extremism u3002 For three years in a row, there have been no violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang, and the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people of all ethnic groups has increased significantly. Since this year, I have received more than 40 groups of foreign guests, who have highly praised the establishment of education and training centers, praised the achievements of Xinjiangs economic and social development, and believed that Xinjiang is not only beautiful, but also safe.

I have visited the training centers in Kashgar, Hotan, Turpan and other places for many times, and witnessed the students learning the national common language, learning laws, and learning skills in the classroom; witnessed the halal diet provided by the training center free of charge, and the students participating in a variety of cultural and sports activities, learning, living and entertaining freely and happily; witnessed that the students can ask for leave to go out if they have something to do, You can go home to be reunited with your family, and you can call at any time; you can see with your own eyes that the students take the initiative to expose the fallacies of religious extreme thoughts and the brutal acts of the three forces, and thank the government for its education and rescue from the bottom of your heart, and be glad that they did not become the cannon fodder of the three forces. After graduation, most of the students I know have found suitable jobs and lived a good life by virtue of the skills learned in the training center. For example: Kashi student abduaini ismayli worked in a catering company in Kashi after graduation. He told me that since he got rid of the prison of religious extremist thought, his heart is not as tired as before and his life has been enjoyable. After the completion of the course, yidiris IMAR, a student from Turpan City, was hired to work in the court of rukeqin Town, Shanshan county court, and now he feels full of achievements every day. There are many more such examples.

To carry out vocational skill education and training is to save those who are affected by extreme thoughts, which is the greatest charity to protect all living beings. People who are affected by religious extreme thoughts are like people who have lost their way. They are not normal people, but also terrible people. In the past, many people were influenced by religious extreme thoughts, trampling and challenging the law. Through a period of education and training, they really understood what was legal, what was illegal, what could be done and what could not be done. They understood that religious activities must be carried out within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, and their hearts lit up a traffic light. What a rare change it is! If vocational and technical education and training centers are not set up, Xinjiang will become a turbulent place with rampant terrorism, continuous disasters and people suffering. The government, like the parents who treat their children who have made mistakes, patiently and meticulously educates and transforms those who are affected by religious extreme thoughts. It not only helps them mentally and materially, but also tries to solve their employment problems. At the same time, it helps the relatives of the students to solve the practical difficulties in production, life, employment, schooling, medical treatment and other aspects, relieves the worries behind the students participation in the learning and training, and enhances the motivation to participate in the learning and training.

Islam is meant to be peaceful. Extremism is not Islam. It arbitrarily distorts the teachings and rules of Islam, tramples on the basic spirit of Islam, desecrates the teachings of Islam, even destroys innocent people, and seriously endangers social stability. They are enemies of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including our Muslims. Their actions totally violate the basic teachings of the Islamic leader, who advocates peace and opposes violence.

Xinjiang has set up vocational skill education and training center according to law, which enables the trainees to recognize the essence and harm of terrorism and religious extremism, get rid of the spiritual shackles of terrorism and religious extremism, turn back on the edge of the cliff towards crime, make Xinjiangs society more stable and harmonious, all ethnic groups more united and closer, and all ethnic groups have the right to life, health and development To the full protection. It can be said that there will be no stable life in Xinjiang without education and training center! As the president of Xinjiang Islamic Association, on behalf of the people in the Islamic community and Muslims in Xinjiang, I would like to warn those western Americans who are trying to curb Chinas development, undermine Xinjiangs stability and discredit the Xinjiang Education and training center, not to ignore the objective facts, not to recreate rumors and slander! We firmly believe that as long as we unswervingly follow the road of governing Xinjiang with Chinese characteristics, Xinjiangs social stability and long-term stability will be realized, Xinjiangs tomorrow will be better and better, and people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will live a better life.

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