The mainlands Shenqu into the island became the norm, and Taiwans ethnic minorities jumped up the little apple

 The mainlands Shenqu into the island became the norm, and Taiwans ethnic minorities jumped up the little apple

Screenshot of movie Fanghua

In the movie Fanghua, there is a clip: a few young soldiers of the literary and Art Troupe gather around a radio and listen to Teresa Tengs a thousand emotions. Under the dim light, the sweet and long melody flows slowly, and happiness blooms on everyones face.

Once upon a time, listening to Hong Kong and Taiwan pop songs was the most fashionable way of life for a generation of mainland youth. Recently, at the cross strait Youth Cultural Exchange hosted by peoples Daily overseas network, a game of listening to songs and guessing names made the participants and the audience fall into memories.

From Deng Lijun, the tiger team, to Jay Chou and Mayday, familiar names instantly shorten the spiritual distance between the youth in Taiwan and the mainland.

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Music is the oldest, most vital and most beautiful language of human beings. I grew up singing, said Yang Pinhua, a Taiwanese minority singer who shared a story about listening to a song for 10 yuan as a child.

Working in mainland China for a long time, he paid special attention to the culture of ethnic minorities in various regions of China. The same toast songs sing different charms in different places. In the field of music creation, the integration of multi cultures is essential.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the mainlands cultural industry, Shenqu has become a new normal.

Guo Xueyun, a news commentator on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, told Hong Kong and Taiwan opera that Taiwans ethnic minorities would also dance little apple and the children of their neighbors would learn to sing learn to crow together.

In the past, it has always been said that the soft power of the mainland is one or two decades behind that of Taiwan, but in fact it is not. When talking about the development of the mainlands entertainment industry in Taiwan, she specifically cited the example of iqiyi. At first, iqiyi was resisted by many people when it entered Taiwan, and now it has become a common application.

From the 1990s when the mainland people went to karaoke, they would sing three days are doomed, seven points are determined by hard work, to todays streets in Taiwan are floating with we are not the same, everyone has different circumstances. Behind this transformation, there are certainly economic development stage, industrial development scale and other factors, but more importantly, compatriots on both sides of the Strait speak the same language, have similar customs, and share the same feelings Dream.

Sunset in Tamsui, Taiwan (source: Xinhuanet)

Therefore, Taiwanese investors in mainland China are willing to learn more about mainland songs, and tourists to Taiwan also like to imitate a little Taiwanese tune.

It is undeniable that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities have seriously damaged the basis of the close relationship between the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait due to a series of counter practices. He advocated the revision of the law by the agents of the Communist Party of China and regarded Lu Ke as a bandit spy in an attempt to return Taiwan to the era of martial law; he revised textbooks and incited de Sinicization in an attempt to plant seeds of fear of China and Anti China in the minds of young people.

Sketch map of history textbook of senior high school in Taiwan (source: Taiwan Lianhe daily)

As Yang Pinhua said, we sing aloud what we dont write in the textbook.. The common cultural blood and historical memory can not be easily cut off by some political aspirants.

Mountains and rivers cant block the business trip between the two sides, and there is no power to prohibit people to people. History has proved, and will continue to prove, that the manipulation of public opinion and incitement to confrontation will eventually be swept into the garbage heap of history; however, the music that permeates the joys and sorrows of the people on both sides of the Straits will eventually pass through the fog of time, and will last forever.

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