Lao Rongzhis colleague said that during his teaching, he had a part-time job 300 meters away from faziyings family

 Lao Rongzhis colleague said that during his teaching, he had a part-time job 300 meters away from faziyings family

Lao Rongzhi was born in Jiujiang, a small town in northern Jiangxi Province. His parents are employees of a local oil company. After graduating from the kindergarten of Jiujiang normal school in 1992, Lao Rongzhi was assigned to teach in the childrens primary school of Jiujiang oil branch for a short time. The school was removed many years ago, and now a residential building has been built on its original site. Lao Rongzhis former colleagues, as employees of the oil branch, were also transferred to other departments of the company.

Li Xin (pseudonym), the teacher of the childrens school, once worked with Lao Rongzhi for a short time. She told reporters in Nandu that at that time, each teacher took only one class and worked in the same big office. At that time, the school staff were mainly women. Li Xin didnt hear that Lao Rongzhi had pursuers in the school.

Li Xin and Lao Rongzhi dont communicate much because they dont teach in the same class. She recalled that Lao Rongzhis original home was in the dormitory area of the family members of the oil branch where her childrens primary school was located. Her home may be 50 meters away from the school. After work, colleagues will not chat with each other.

The former part-time land of Lao Rongzhi.

Li Xin, a reporter from Nandu, recalled that there was a time when Lao Rongzhi was still working part-time outside after work. We are the childrens School of the oil company. Every day when we go to work, there are factory cars in the city. Lao Rongzhis family lives near the school, but she gets on the bus at the downtown bus station every day for some time. We ask that she works part-time at night.

According to Li Xin, Lao Rongzhi worked part-time at night for about half a year, then left school. Li Xin told Nandu that at that time, there were not many teachers resigning from the school, and her colleagues did not know what Lao Rongzhi had done afterwards. She also did not contact her former colleagues. It was not until faziyings case that Lao Rongzhis former colleagues heard about her. I didnt expect that she would kill and run away.

Near the original site of faziyings house.

In the death sentence of faziying issued by Hefei intermediate peoples court, faziyings home address was disclosed. From the former part-time hotel in laorongzhi to the original site of faziyings home, the distance is about 300 meters, and it only takes 5 minutes to walk.

Faziying and Lao Rongzhi.

According to a previous report from Xiamen public security bureau, in 1996, Lao Rongzhi gang and faziying committed crimes in many places, involving three places and seven lives. In 1999, faziying was arrested in Hefei, Anhui Province, and Lao Rongzhi fled in many places without his real name, using many false names, and fled to different cities to earn a living by doing odd jobs and short-term jobs in bars, KTV and other places.

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